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Costumes for Shark Week!

Now that summer’s here again, you know what that means – that’s right, it’s Shark Week! This year, Shark Week has arrived a little earlier than usual, but for all you shark lovers out there searching for a way to join in on the holiday spirit, we got you covered. Choose from our vast selection of shark costumes to join in on the shark madness!

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a… shark! Every year for the past 27 years, there has been one week put aside to commemorate sharks. This Discovery Channel phenomenon has really made a difference and raised awareness. Show your appreciation for this beautiful species by participating in the week’s festivities. Have a blast with our adult shark costume, pictured on the right. This costume will make you the life of the party! Impress everyone with your Jaws, without eating any of the guests, of course.

A casual alternative for showing off your shark enthusiasm is with our adorable shark hoodie! Throw this comfy thing on to show off your fascination for our beloved oceanic animal or keep yourself warm when the weather gets colder. This multipurpose sweatshirt will keep you snug while making all your friends jealous of your super cool and cute look!

Looking for an aquatic mascot costume? Try our shark mascots to flaunt the fun and not-so-scary side of sharks.

It’s not too late to find out what all the Shark Week buzz is about. It’s time learn about and respect these wondrous sea creatures. Start by celebrating with our vast selection of shark costumes and you’ll be set for Halloween and every Shark Week to come!

4th of July Costumes!

With 4th of July just around the corner, it’s time to get into holiday spirit! Celebrate the nation’s birthday in one of our 4th of July costumes. We live in the land of the free, so take this one day to dress however you like! What better way to show how proud you are to be an American than with these patriotic costumes?

Independence day is a national holiday that should be celebrated to the fullest! For the concert, fireworks show, parade or party, ‘I want you’ to take a look at our selection of Uncle Sam costumes. If you don’t want to fully dress up this year, the Uncle Sam hat  is the perfect accessory to show off your patriotism!

For American History enthusiasts, take a look at our colonial costumes . Dress up as important historical figures like Unites States presidents or even Betsy Ross. These costumes are also great for putting on school plays!

To save money and kill two birds in one stone choose a patriotic superhero costume. You will have a costume you can not only wear on July 4th , but also on Halloween! Grab your friends or significant other to carry out this awesome group costume idea. Dress up like Captain America or Wonder Woman. Or if you want to show your appreciation for our soldiers, click here to find the uniforms of America’s true heroes.

Don’t miss out this year on all the 4th of July fun!

June is National Candy Month!

That’s right! If you didn’t know before reading this post five seconds ago that there was an entire month of the calendar dedicated to celebrating a genre of food that is essentially composed of the sugary tears of angels, you know now! So how are you going to celebrate? Whether you’re throwing a candy-themed party, promoting your delicious business, or putting on a sweet school production, you’re in luck! We have a whole host of costumes to fill all your candy costume needs…

How about something chocolaty? You could be wrapped up in one of our M&M costumes this year! As this candy coated treat, you’ll look good enough to eat! Chocolate can be addictive, and so are these costumes! Represent every color in the bag with a group of friends! If you’re looking for another way to deck the whole family out in chocolate, how about a tootsie roll costume? This bite-sized, chewy candy is the perfect outfit for your bite-sized baby who also tends to chew on like, everything! We have baby sizes, child sizes, and adult versions of this chocolate treat. It’s hard to imagine that some people don’t like the rich, smooth flavor of chocolate but if you fall into that small category, never fear! A gaggle of marshmallow birds will soar to your aid with peep costumes for every member of the family. We have adult, child, and toddler peep costumes in stock right now! The best part is that after you’re done wearing them this month, you can recycle them for Easter and Halloween, making these costumes a “cheep” option.

None of these items hit the sweet spot for you? We have many more candy costume options to choose from, so be sure to visit findcostume and check out all our candy costume offerings!

Note: We know our costumes appear to be absolutely mouthwatering, but they’re not. So please, don’t eat them.

Turkey Costumes

Halloween 2013 may have just passed, but that doesn’t mean that dressing up in costumes is over for the year. On the contrary, the costume-wearing festivities have only just begun! Now that it’s November there is a new holiday to look forward to: Thanksgiving! That means it’s the season to get your Thanksgiving costumes in time for November 28th! While everyone enjoys eating the macaroni and cheese, yams, cranberry sauce, ham and green bean casserole, everyone’s favorite food on the Thanksgiving table by far is turkey! Do you know what’s more fun than eating your food? Wearing it! That may seem like an answer a child would give, but don’t be ashamed. When you wear either of our turkey costumes, the spotlight will be on you. Don’t be surprised if everyone comes after you with a knife and fork while waiting for the table to be set for dinner!


 To the left is the adult turkey costume that will make you look like you just came out of the oven! This food costume is more than just mouth watering. It’s simply hilarious to look at! Not only will you be the cause of stomach growling, but also of lots of laughter by wearing this adult costume.

If you prefer to appear as a turkey that can be found in the wild, then we have another Thanksgiving costume option for you. Click here to see this alternate turkey costume that looks like the animal appears before it’s been cooked, complete with eyes, a beak, and feathers.

Get your gobble on with these turkey costumes that are funny costumes everyone will love!

Second Skin Costumes

If you are the kind person who likes to wear your clothes skin tight, then wearing a 2nd skin costume is a fun choice for you! Take the tuxedo costume to the left, for instance. This bodysuit costume will literally cover you from head to toe in the colors black and white. Add a pair of black shades and you’ll be the most sharply dressed person at the party with the coolest personality. Click here to see it.

If superheroes are more your speed, then try something like the Flash costume. We also have other second skin suits like the adult Batman costume, Robin costume, or the adult Superman costume. Any of these adult superhero costumes will be fun to wear!

Looking for a scary Halloween costume that fits right against your skin? Then try a skeleton bodysuit. This second skin suit is a black bodysuit that has white bones pictured on it! Especially if it’s dark outside, you can scare the pants off of everyone just by walking around and appearing to be a member of the living dead!

This American flag costume is a patriotic costume that will let you embody the symbol of our nation. Instead of flapping in the wind, you’ll be planted firmly on the ground when you wear this American flag outfit that will have you covered in red and white stripes!

Any of the second skin costumes mentioned here are cool costume ideas. Be sure to check out all of our bodysuit Halloween costumes that are unique costumes to wear on October 31st or any other day of the year!


Baby Halloween Costume Ideas

In need of funny baby Halloween costume ideas? We’ve got you covered in the department of cute baby costumes. You already know that you have the most adorable baby in the world but others may not realize this undeniable truth. No worries! Dress your baby up in in one of our baby Halloween costumes to ensure all the awws are directed to them! Some specific baby Halloween costume ideas can be found below:


To the left is the baby biker costume that will make your little one look they are a part of a gang. But don’t worry. No one will be questioning your parenting skills but instead will commend you on how cute your baby looks (after they get all of the laughter out of their system, that is). With tattoo sleeves, a skull bandana, and skull t-shirt with what seems to be a leather jacket and dog tags printed onto the shirt, this funny baby costume is one of the best baby Halloween costumes you can find.

There are other Halloween baby costumes that are just as cool as the baby biker costume. Another great option in the category of babies Halloween costumes is the baby Viking costume. Words can’t fully capture the incredibleness of this cute baby costume. Click here to see it for yourself!

There are other options when it comes to baby career costumes that let babies represent unconventional professions, such as the baby cowboy costume and the baby golfer costume.

Check out all of our baby costumes for Halloween!

Ass Costumes

In search of funny adult costume ideas? Look no further. Your googling for adult costume ideas has led you to the right place because we’ve got tons of funny adult Halloween costume ideas for you. Specifically, ass costumes are the funny Halloween costumes we have in mind. Ass costumes are funny adult costumes that will literally make you look like an ass! You can find the ass costume that perfectly matches your personality or one that is totally different from what you are like in real life. Either way, you are sure to stand out and cause lots of laughter by wearing any of these funny adult Halloween costumes!


 To the left is the basic ass costume that is a headpiece shaped like a butt that one wears on their face. The headpiece has eyes on it, which really makes it come to life. It may seem a bit creepy, but the humor of this funny adult costume overshadows its disturbing factor. If you want an ass costume that has more of a personality, then you can choose from other ass costumes.

The kiss ass costume has red lipstick marks all over it, while the punk ass costume has spiky purple hair. If you were never gifted in school or just generally make poor decisions, then the dumb ass costume featuring a pointy dunce cap would be the right adult costume for you to wear. If you are instead a brainiac, then the smart ass costume with glasses and a graduation cap is more ideal for you.

Click here to browse through all of these adult funny costumes that are the most hilarious adult Halloween costumes!

Gangnam Style Costume

Halloween is fast approaching and you still haven’t found any cool costumes that will  make you stand out at the party. Whether you’ve yet to come up with any good Halloween costume ideas or are just beginning your search for adult costumes that you could see yourself wearing, we’ve got some cool celebrity costume ideas for you. You can see all of our celebrity costumes by clicking here, but in this post the Gangnam Style costume will be the focus.

   Do you want to be as popular as the South Korean pop star PSY at the costume party? An international sensation, PSY managed to get the Youtube video with the most hits. And do you know what music video it was that put him over the top? Everyone’s seen it: Gangnam Style! If you think you can step up to the challenge and pull off PSY’s awesome dance moves, then wearing one of our gangnam style costumes is the right choice for you. This pop star costume consists of the gangnam style jacket that PSY wears in his music video. These gangnam style jackets come in a array of colors: dark blue, green, pink, white, and light blue. This Korean costume is simply the coolest of international costumes.

The October 31st holiday certainly isn’t just for kids. You may no longer go trick or treating, but wearing adult Halloween costumes is just as fun as getting free candy. Check out all of Gangnam Style costumes and you will find yourself a cool Halloween costume that will blow everyone away!

Skeleton Costumes

Halloween is right around the corner and you’re frantic. You still don’t have your Halloween costume yet. Now it would be simple to just go to the store, browse the limited collection of costumes on the shelves in that one, single aisle, and be forced to buy something mediocre. However, you are smarter than the average bear and decided to use the internet instead to look for scary Halloween costumes. Good choice! But now you’ve got another problem. With so many choices out there when it comes to scary costumes, you are having trouble choosing between all of the best Halloween costumes there are. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got some great scary Halloween costume ideas for you. Today’s idea is simple: skeleton costumes! Wearing an adult skeleton costume may not seem that original, but rest assured that these are unique Halloween costumes that will give everyone a good fright.

To the left is just one example of our skeleton costumes. Click here to see the grave robber costume. When you wear this scary costume, you’ll be the epitome of living dead! You will appear to have escaped from the cemetery in order to get your revenge. People will at first run away out of fear when they see you, but they’ll return to tell you how awesome your skeleton costume is!

We also are full of couples Halloween costume ideas. The graveyard groom and boneyard bride costumes is just one such idea.

Check out all of our skeleton Halloween costumes here.

Zombie Costumes

Halloween is October 31st. I know what you’re thinking right now. Either 1) “Duh, everyone knows that” or 2) “That’s forever from now. I’ve still got plenty of time to find my Halloween costume.” For those whose thoughts were along the lines of #1, there is a point to be made here and those who fall in the second category maybe you don’t understand how close that date is. October 31st is next month so now is crunch time for finding Halloween costumes for you and the other members of your group. So now that you realize the gravity of this matter, here’s a Halloween costume idea for you: zombie costumes!

“Zombie costumes? What’s so special about dressing up as a zombie? That’s so old school and has been done plenty of times before. I want a costume that stands out…” Bear with us, please! We’ve got some zombie costumes that take an unusual twist on what you would normally think of when you an envision what a zombie is.

Take this hotdog costume for example that doubles as a zombie costume. You’ll become a part of a very exclusive society of the living dead who were grilled on the barbecue, covered in ketchup and mustard, but then thrown in the trash for whatever reason. Who would dare do away with a perfectly cooked sausage with the right combination of condiments? You will gain sympathy points with this sob story and be the monster who has a heart!

If you’re a vegetarian or simply don’t want to dress up as a piece of meat, click here to see the zombie banana costume that is a potassium-rich outfit that you can wear instead.

This banana costume and hot dog costume are the most delicious and certainly the best zombie costumes around!