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Beer Costumes

It’s the first day of summer! In addition to summer vacations, watermelon, and trips to the beach, summer is all about the sun, and the HEAT that comes with it! Whether you love them or hate them, hot days are here to stay for a while, but there are ways to best these high temps – cold beverages! That’s why it’s drink week on the Find Costume blog!



Today is all about beer, namely beer costumes – from beer bottle costumes to beer girl costumes, we’ve got something for every beer drinker. Whether you’re a lager lover or prefer porters, these beer Halloween costumes come in a variety of styles sure to fit every preference. If you want to embody your favorite beverage, our beer bottle costumes are for you. Make it a couples costume by getting your significant other to wear our beer mug costume, a sexy, fitted costume dress, or beer bottle dress, which comes complete with a cute cap.


Want to be the center of attention at your college or frat Halloween party? Wear a real working keg costume! These keg costumes hold 400ml of liquid which you can dispense through a spigot connected to the costume hat. Keep the fun going with our beer pong costume, which looks just like every college kid’s favorite drinking game, complete with adhesive strips so you can attach your own red cups!


What? There’s no more beer and the success of your party is therefore in jeopardy? Fear not, for Beer Man and Beer Girl, everyone’s favorite slightly inebriated superhero couple, have decided to attend your fete, and they have out of the goodness of their hearts replenished your supply of alcohol. The day is saved, and you are designated ‘super cool’ by a dude with a popped collar and a hobo that followed Beer Man and Beer Girl to your party for the free drinks. You are a hero. You are a lesser deity. You are on the way to drunken debauchery, and it’s all thanks to Beer Man and Beer Girl. Dress like your idols with our beer hero costumes, both complete with holsters that hold cans of your favorite beer (or cheapest, if you plan on giving it away). Please do not attach glass bottles to your costume, because I can see that ending very, very poorly.


The great thing about being a beer superhero like Beer Man and Beer Girl is that you can travel to Germany whenever you want to stock up on premium brews, and of course attend the world-famous Oktoberfest. Even if you’re not a hero, you can fake it till you make it with our Men’s and Women’s Oktoberfest costumes, featuring lederhosen and authentic detail. There are many other German beer girl costumes in a variety of signature Bavarian styles, so take a look and pick the beer wench costume that suits you best.


Just like beer is enhanced by pairing with certain food or snacks, our beer costumes are made even better when paired with beer accessories, like a beer mug purse or beer mug hat. Whichever costume or accessory combo you choose, when you show your love for beer on Halloween, you can’t go wrong. Cheers! would like to remind you not to drink and drive! You probably also shouldn’t drive in a full-size beer costume, because that would be a little awkward.

Fruit and Vegetable Month

Did you know that June is National Fruit and Vegetable Month? It’s pretty fortunate that such an occasion comes around when some of the most delicious produce is in season! We love fresh peaches and cherries this time of year – what’s your favorite fruit?


We’re a costume site, so we show our love for fruits and vegetables in the most whimsical way – by dressing up as them! This week we’re featuring fruit costumes and vegetable costumes so you can join us in our healthy celebration. These fruit costumes are perfect for healthy-eating campaigns, advertising fresh produce, and of course, as Halloween costumes!


There are no bad apples among our fruit costumes – each of them is a perfect pick! Our adult apple costumes feature crisp red body suits – one even includes a worm hand puppet. Happy customer Josh gave our adult apple costume 5 stars – a ringing endorsement of a (red) delicious costume! We have apple costumes for little ones too – an apple dress for the children, and a baby apple costume for the smallest Macintoshes!


Another grape costume idea (sorry!) is to wear one of our adult grape costumes in either green or purple – choose your favorite, or get both and go with a friend! These grape costumes are genuinely awesome – they come with pouches that you fill with blown-up balloons (also included) for a fresh-off-the-vine appearance!


We talked about our watermelon costume in our last post, but it fits perfectly with this week’s theme as well! There’s no fruit more summery than the watermelon – even the name conjures up images of fun times!


Though summer fruits don’t stay in season forever, there’s another fruity favorite that might be disappearing for good. In 2006 the UN warned that due to human influence, the existence of the banana is threatened. The most well-known commercial version, the Cavendish, is dying out due to forest destruction. Could you imagine a world without bananas? What would we pack in lunch boxes? What would we cut up over our cereal? What would happen to the banana split?? Arm yourselves with knowledge, friends, and spread the word about bananas. It’s up to us to protect them, so don a banana costume and spread the word. We may be the last generation to know and love the Cavendish banana, a fruit with a rich history in comedy (the banana peel gag is classic), cinema, and one close to our hearts. We have to take action to save America’s favorite fruit! Do you have any ideas on how to save the banana? Please share in the comments!


Stay tuned this week for vegetable costumes and assorted fun facts, and keep an eye out for our banana tribute!