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Find the perfect Halloween Costume in Half the Time!

Be California Gurl with our Katy Perry Wigs!

Katy Perry is a pop sensation with a flair for the dramatic.  This Halloween, there will be hordes of Katy Perry imposters showing up one another to prove who is truly a California Gurl.  If you want the upper hand in the race, check out our Katy Perry Wigs and be prepared for a wild night!


The right head of hair is vital to move a crowd!  Try on an Adult Glamour Long Blue Wig and wave your hair with enthusiasm.  The blue wig will help channel your inner Katy Perry and bring some more electricity to a night of fun.  An Adult Glamour Long Teal Blue Wig will give you that Hollywood glow that follows around Kate Perry.  The teal wig is vibrant and eccentric; qualities that make Katy Perry a musical superstar.


If you really want to stand out in the crowd, go for an Adult Long Glamour Violet Wig.  This purple wig bursts to the forefront and yells for attention that will make you blush.  Be the talk of the party and don’t get excited as the compliments come stampeding your way.  The Adult Long Glamour Magenta Wig adds a different shade to that purple to achieve zany sexiness that will keep your name in everyone’s mouth.  Katy Perry’s personality has many different hues.  For a more reserved look, the Adult Glamour Long Black Wig is perfect.  Be the spitting image of Katy Perry and have a great time!


Keep your name in everyone’s mouth with a Katy Perry Wig!

Get Crazy in our Jersey Shore Costumes!

Looking for a wild time on Halloween night?  MTV’s Jersey Shore has a cast of characters that epitomize the party scene.  Whether you want to be ripped in your muscle shirt or drink till your eyes fall, look no further than our Jersey Shore Costumes!


For the guys down to throw back some Jägerbombs, the Jersey Shore Costumes should quickly get you into fist pumping mode!  Turn into the muscle bound Jersey Shore star with our The Situation Costume.  Twitch your pecks in a muscled chest shirt with an awesome six-pack and let the included beaded chain accessory swing and hypnotize all the females at the party.  The Pauly D Costume offers more of the same: muscles and beaded chain, but you can complete the Pauly D look with a Pauly D Wig available separately that will give you that gelled up shine at the club.


Grab a friend and dress up as these two for Halloween to make a great group costume!  The Situation Costume and the Pauly D Costume combined with the Pauly D Wig is automatically a dynamic party duo.  You can wingman for each other, take shots, or just jump and fist pump in unison under the flashing strobe lights and blaring techno music, but don’t forget about Snooki.  Look at our Jersey Shore Wigs.  Bring a girl and she can put on the Snooki Wig and party like the feisty starlet of Jersey Shore!


You can create a perfect party trio that should be the highlight of everyone’s Halloween night.  Forget about being scary this Halloween and go for saucy!

Wocka Wocka: Muppets Costumes for Halloween

The Muppets are back this Halloween!  Who doesn’t remember Ms. Piggy’s undying love for Kermit the Frog, or Fozzie Bear’s hit jokes?  These famous puppets have survived a generation with success on television and the big screen.  Whether you want to relive your childhood or introduce your child to a kid’s classic, our collection of Muppets Costumes is just for you!


Initiate your child into Muppet fandom with our Baby Muppet Costumes!  The Baby Kermit Costume will turn your son into the most adorable frog on Halloween.  Kermit the Frog is an icon and should be a hit costume with his big green googly eyes.  Wocka Wocka Wocka!  The Baby Fozzie Costume comes with a bow tie and hat to turn your infant into the youngest stand up comedian around.  These Baby Muppet costumes would make for the cutest group costume ever!


For those grown ups still dreaming about their childhood, make Halloween memorable with an Adult Muppets Costume.  An Adult Kermit the Frog Costume is a necessity to represent The Muppets.  You have a choice between Kermit the Frog with a suit or without.  Either way, you’ll be the most recognizable frog on Halloween!  Kermit’s faithful admirer Miss Piggy is an unpredictable pig that flies off the hinge as many times as she showers Kermit with love.  Female fans of The Muppets will love our Adult Miss Piggy Costumes complete with a classy dress and pig ears.  Kermit and Ms. Piggy are the perfect choice for couples costumes.  The Adult Fozzie Bear Costume is suited for any jokester.  Other Muppets character costumes include Animal and Gonzo the Great.  Both are unique and funny in their own way!


This Halloween, be bold!  Let the inner child take over and become a Muppet!

Sing and Shout this Halloween in a Teen Glee Costume!

This Halloween, Glee costumes will hit a high note!  Your favorite musical-comedy-drama on television has shaken up the world through a simple glee club.  Come join in the festivities of Mckinley High school this Halloween by dressing up as one of your favorite, or even your most hated, Glee characters.  Become a key character of Glee and enjoy your night of fright in our Teen Glee Costumes!


If there’s a pep in your step or your bones just naturally click with school spirit, then the Teen Glee Cheerios Costume is a match!  Lead the Cheerios with this cheerleader costume that includes a skirt, tank top, and pom-poms.  Also included is an inflatable belly for the true Glee fans that supported Quinn Fabray when she was pregnant.  Wear different wigs with this costume to resemble other members of the Cheerios such as Santana Lopez or Brittany Pierce.  The choice is yours.  Which side are you on?


Maybe you’re more of a scheming control freak.  The Teen Sue Sylvester Costume will inspire you to bring down the Glee Club when you put on the red tracksuit with pants, jacket with Glee logo, and wig.  Combine this costume with the Teen Glee Cheerios Costume to make a conniving Glee duo or rivalry!


Mckinley High School needs help dealing with the daily teenage social battles.  Choose your sides with a Teen Glee Cheerios Costume and the Teen Sue Sylvester Costume.  Will you champion the beloved glee club in a Quinn Fabray getup or will try to take down the singing sensations with the heavy hand of Sue Sylvester?  Make the right choice this Halloween and sing to the right tune!

Save Halloween as Captain America!

Captain America is this summer’s Marvel Comic craze!  The red, white, and blue patriotic power is here to help America’s war effort.  Become the superhero this Halloween with our Captain America Costumes!


The hero of all heroes, Captain America inspires the minds and hearts of the young.  For the children, we have the Child Deluxe Captain America Costume and the Child Classic Captain America Costume.  The deluxe carries a muscled bodysuit and character hood.  If your child is still low to the ground, the Baby Captain America Costume is a perfect choice!  This costume will turn your infant into the cutest crime fighting superhero around.


Captain America Costumes are great for all ages.  The Adult Captain America Costumes represent a more mature superhero with a political message that strikes a chord with adults.  The Adult Captain America Costume won’t give you super strength, but you will be the spitting image of the classic superhero down to the utility belt and character hood.  For a beefed up appearance, try the Adult Deluxe Captain America Costume.  Women are not excluded.  The Adult Sexy Captain America Costume switches the brawny body suit for a shiny dress, skirt, and eye mask that will make Wonder Woman jealous.  These costumes exhibit justice in the flesh, and are sure to make you into a star at any Halloween party!


Superhero costumes are never complete without accessories because gadgets and weapons are the staple of most superheroes!  Adult Captain America Accessories finish off the heroic look.  His red boots and gloves provide maximum comfort for fighting crime!  The famous star-centered shield comes in different shades to fit your Captain America costume of choice.  Each shield invokes the valor of a hero!


Let this Halloween be the one that defines you!  Save the day, with the heroic fit of Captain America.

Frightening Fashion: Monster High Costume Ideas

The Monster High craze is taking over!  This Halloween, have your little girl be the most fabulous and freakiest monster with our collection of Monster High costumes!


Monster High features a varied cast of monsters with a strong fashion sense.  Each character has something different to offer and is a match made in monster heaven for little girls.  Take a look at a Frankie Stein costume.  The clumsy daughter of Frankenstein shows a distinct sense of style.  Her plaid dress, black and white hair, and stitched up sleeves mix chic with grit!  Maybe a vampire is more your little girl’s taste?  Well Draculara, the vegan vampire, sports a pink look that will have your little girl’s friends screaming and jealous.  Also available is the Frankie Stein black wig with pink streaks that’s sure to set the monster world on fire.  The Clawdeen Wolf costumes exude confidence and spunk.  A werewolf like no other, Clawdeen Wolf’s costume adds spice with a zebra print shirt and shakes things up with a matching belt and choker necklace.  Wolf ears come with the wig to complete the wolf transformation.  For a more aquatic look, check out the Lagoon Blue costume.  Her blonde and aquamarine head of curly hair is just right for anyone thinking about doing something fishy!  The stylized fins on Lagoon Blue’s leggings and jacket will have your daughter swimming through crowds of jealous onlookers!


Any character is a great choice!  Monster High makes for great group costumes for kids.  Each character costume has a personality of its own and they all perfectly compliment each other in color and moxie!  Impress your little girl with a Monster High costume—Where freaky just got fabulous!