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Sing and Shout this Halloween in a Teen Glee Costume!

This Halloween, Glee costumes will hit a high note!  Your favorite musical-comedy-drama on television has shaken up the world through a simple glee club.  Come join in the festivities of Mckinley High school this Halloween by dressing up as one of your favorite, or even your most hated, Glee characters.  Become a key character of Glee and enjoy your night of fright in our Teen Glee Costumes!


If there’s a pep in your step or your bones just naturally click with school spirit, then the Teen Glee Cheerios Costume is a match!  Lead the Cheerios with this cheerleader costume that includes a skirt, tank top, and pom-poms.  Also included is an inflatable belly for the true Glee fans that supported Quinn Fabray when she was pregnant.  Wear different wigs with this costume to resemble other members of the Cheerios such as Santana Lopez or Brittany Pierce.  The choice is yours.  Which side are you on?


Maybe you’re more of a scheming control freak.  The Teen Sue Sylvester Costume will inspire you to bring down the Glee Club when you put on the red tracksuit with pants, jacket with Glee logo, and wig.  Combine this costume with the Teen Glee Cheerios Costume to make a conniving Glee duo or rivalry!


Mckinley High School needs help dealing with the daily teenage social battles.  Choose your sides with a Teen Glee Cheerios Costume and the Teen Sue Sylvester Costume.  Will you champion the beloved glee club in a Quinn Fabray getup or will try to take down the singing sensations with the heavy hand of Sue Sylvester?  Make the right choice this Halloween and sing to the right tune!

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