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Get Crazy in our Jersey Shore Costumes!

Looking for a wild time on Halloween night?  MTV’s Jersey Shore has a cast of characters that epitomize the party scene.  Whether you want to be ripped in your muscle shirt or drink till your eyes fall, look no further than our Jersey Shore Costumes!


For the guys down to throw back some Jägerbombs, the Jersey Shore Costumes should quickly get you into fist pumping mode!  Turn into the muscle bound Jersey Shore star with our The Situation Costume.  Twitch your pecks in a muscled chest shirt with an awesome six-pack and let the included beaded chain accessory swing and hypnotize all the females at the party.  The Pauly D Costume offers more of the same: muscles and beaded chain, but you can complete the Pauly D look with a Pauly D Wig available separately that will give you that gelled up shine at the club.


Grab a friend and dress up as these two for Halloween to make a great group costume!  The Situation Costume and the Pauly D Costume combined with the Pauly D Wig is automatically a dynamic party duo.  You can wingman for each other, take shots, or just jump and fist pump in unison under the flashing strobe lights and blaring techno music, but don’t forget about Snooki.  Look at our Jersey Shore Wigs.  Bring a girl and she can put on the Snooki Wig and party like the feisty starlet of Jersey Shore!


You can create a perfect party trio that should be the highlight of everyone’s Halloween night.  Forget about being scary this Halloween and go for saucy!

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