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Inject some Tiger Blood into your Veins with a Charlie Sheen Costume!

For Halloween, live on the edge!  Transform yourself into a statue of confidence.  Even if it’s only for one night, dress up as a renowned and revered man that has the power to spark a social revolution.  Be one with a legend in many ways.  Be the man, the myth, and most of all, the winner!  Become Charlie Sheen with our Charlie Sheen Costumes!


A Charlie Sheen Wig is great for any occasion!  This black wig lies down exactly like Charlie Sheen’s hair and shines with the same sheen that lit up Wall Street.  With this wig, you can invade a Halloween party, walk your dog, and maybe even do your own taxes.  The sky’s the limit under this headpiece because it puts you on the path to winning.  For the hat people, the Charlie Sheen Hat is a must have.  Don the black fedora and be a don!  Fitted down to the brim is a tiger stripped ribbon so that everyone can recognize your tiger blood.  Don’t hide your greatness!  Let everyone know you’re a Charlie Sheen protégé with the wig and the hat.


For a true Sheen experience, put on a Charlie Sheen Mask!  The mask possesses all of the winning features of Charlie Sheen.  From the way his hair falls on his forehead to the wrinkles out the corners of his eyes, this Charlie Sheen Mask is winner.  Bi-winning doesn’t come natural for everyone, but that’s okay.  Your saving grace is this mask.  Change your life, attitude, and night with a mask of Charlie Sheen.


Flexible and great for many occasions, the Charlie Sheen Costumes are a privilege and just for you!

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