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Animal Costumes that Rule the Wild!

On Halloween night, revert back to your natural instincts!  Hunt with the crouch of a fearless predator and stalk the hapless trick-or-treaters.  If you bounce to a different beat, hop around on all fours or flap your wings to the rhythm of the night wind.  Embrace your animalistic side, scream, shout, show out, and have too much fun in an Animal Costume!


Animal Halloween Costumes are not only for kids!  Adults can also enjoy a night of feathers, scales, and fur; whatever you like!  Throw on a Lion Costume and seize your chance to be the king of the jungle, or you can command respect with as a gorilla.  You now have an excuse to walk on your fists and beat your chest.  Gorilla Costumes range from ferocious to funny, and come in a variety of classic and funny colors that give you and your friends the opportunity to coordinate a group costume.


Birds of a feather flock together in Halloween costumes!  You and your friends can mix and match all different types of bird costumes.  Turkey, Parrot, Penguin, and Peacock Costumes are all flashy and fun at the same.  Funny Costumes wouldn’t exist without “why did the chicken cross the road” jokes, and our Fuzzy Chicken Costume is tops on the comedy chart!  Our collection of Halloween Animal Costumes also include Lobster, Rat, and Bug Costumes.  There are too many too name!


Go all out this Halloween and serve up a nest of howling thrill with an Animal Costume!

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