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Find the perfect Halloween Costume in Half the Time!

Child Costumes: The Halloween Countdown

Halloween is four days away, and there are still children without a costume.  That child may be yours!  The afternoon conference at work, night school online, walking the husky, and raising Junior equals a busy and hectic daily routine.  We understand!  However, life revolves around the web today.  It takes two seconds to check out our collection of Kids Costumes!


Children thrive on playing roles and pretending!  Give your child a push in the right direction with a Child Career Costume.  The sky’s the limit with a Child Astronaut Costume, and heroics are inevitable when wearing a fire fighter or police officer costume.  If your child has a need for speed, then a Race Car driver Costume fits the bill.  Many careers are possible, even if only for one night, but it’s probably too early to be thinking about a career.  Halloween should be fun and light!  Child Funny Costumes offer everything from food to game costumes.  Child Superhero Costumes let’s kids take on the role of their favorite crime fighters, and there are enough options to make a group costume.  Happiness is guaranteed!


TV and Movie Costumes are always popular with the kids!  From Naruto to Star Trek, we have costumes for most of the hit television shows and movies.  Your child can be an action hero, cartoon, or martial arts master.  There’s an endless amount of choices!  Animal Costumes, Historical Costumes, Celebrity Costumes; the list goes on and on!


You know your child better than anyone else.  Cater to their interests when making this decision.  Remember, it only takes a second to check our Halloween Costumes, but it also takes one bad night to hate Halloween forever.  So choose wisely!

Get in Character: Fun Pranks and Tricks to do in Halloween Costumes

Halloween is a day dedicated to fun!  Loosen up a bit and let go of the inhibitions that stifle your happiness year round.  Don’t worry about what everyone thinks of you because a good costume can switch your identity for the night.  You can play a role that you dream of with one of our Halloween Costumes!


Ever wonder why street entertainers always have a full cup of donations?  It’s because they are willing to put their talents to use.  Hustle your neighbors for extra candy with a Michael Jackson Costume.  Moonwalk, spin, and kick your legs to the rhythm of Thriller and they won’t have a choice but to hand over more candy.  If you’re not too light on your feet, but have insane vocals that can lift any pair of ears up to cloud nine, then check out a Lady Gaga Costume.  As Lady Gaga, you can freak out your neighbors and calm their ears at the same time.  You might receive more candy, spare change, or maybe even a record deal.  You never know!


A fun prank that Halloween allows you to fathom is exorcism.  Our Religious Costumes look like the real deal.  A group costume can be coordinated using our Priest and Nun Costumes.  Dress up in these holy garbs with a bible in hand, and put your acting skills to the test.  Convince unsuspecting neighbors that lonely and lost ghosts seek refuge on Halloween night, and that their house is at risk of being haunted.  If you really want to look convincing bring some holy water and bust out some bible verses while you’re at it.  However, some might not want to upset a higher power.  Another fun prank involves Superhero Costumes.  Dress up as Superman, Batman, or any hero and have a friend dress up as a criminal.  Your friend should steal a bag of candy from a child, and that’s when you swoop in to take down the robber and return the candy to the kids.  Make sure you return the candy!


Halloween presents many opportunities to have fun; just be a little creative.  Think and live outside the box for a night with one our Halloween Costumes!

Michael Jackson Costumes

Each Halloween, certain costumes rise to popularity, those that transform you into the flavors of the moment, people burning through their 15 minutes of fame. Capturing a moment is always fun, but there’s something to be said to wearing a costume with staying power. Think about it this way – when you dress like a legend, you’ll always shine! Michael Jackson Costumes are the kind of Halloween costumes that won’t get old – MJ has had so many hits and donned so many now-iconic outfits that he is still vividly remembered and loved. Michael Jackson costumes are not only instantly recognizable, but a ton of fun to wear – who wouldn’t want to put on a Billie Jean Jacket and do the Moonwalk? Why keep it to Halloween? Wear them year round!


There are MJ costumes designed to look like outfits the King of Pop wore in many of his most famous music videos, including a Bad jacket with buckle accents and a Billie Jean jacket with sequin accents. Choose a costume from his Beat It video, or a Michael Jackson Thriller costume, complete with iconic red jacket. Any costume will seriously pop when it’s accented with one of our great MJ accessories. Pick a sequined glove, Billie Jean glove, sparkling microphone, or pair of sequin socks to add some shine to your ensemble. Top it off with a Michael Jackson wig, in short, long, straight, or curly styles, an MJ fedora, and a pair of Michael Jackson glasses to really get the look. When you’re decked out in MJ costume pieces from head to toe, you’ll have to be careful not to break any young girls’ hearts!


Our Michael Jackson costumes aren’t just for adults – we’ve got kids versions too! Your little one can be a kiddie king of pop in any of our child MJ costumes. There are black and red military jackets, a sequined Billie Jean Jacket, and a classic red Thriller jacket, as well as MJ accessories, in their size. Choose a kids Michael Jackson wig, sequined glove, fedora, or pair of sequined socks to complete their Halloween costume!


When you choose a Michael Jackson costume on Halloween, you’ll wanna be startin’ something, for sure! Who wouldn’t, when you look this good? Why be anything else on Halloween when you can be the king?

It’s Family Game Night Come to Life! – Game Group Costumes

Board games: the perfect activity for a rainy day, a weeknight after dinner, or a night in with the family. In the age of video games, board games have gotten a bit of a bum rap, but there’s no denying – spending time with people you love is a great way to use an afternoon. Why not bring that family game night fun with you on Halloween? Whether you’re a Scrabble or Monopoly devotee, prefer active games like Darts and Twister, or love the classics like Match Game and Tic-Tac-Toe, there’s a very cool game costume you’ll love wearing (and in some cases, playing!)



When you wear many of our game costumes, you can not only look like your favorite pastime, but you can actually play that game on the go. With a Match Game costume, complete with removable pieces that stick to the outfit, you can challenge your Halloween date to a competition, as with the checkers costume, darts costume, and Tic-Tac-Toe costume. We’ve got a Twister costume too, but we recommend you not play that one while it’s being worn!


For game-loving couples, we’ve got great game costume options in our Monopoly costumes and Scrabble costumes. Both come in styles for men and women, so dudes can look cool and girls can look sexy while embodying a unified theme. Our tic-tac-toe costumes come in men’s and women’s costume versions too, both of which are totally playable on-the-go. You’ll have the most fun couples costume at the party, for sure!


The great thing about games is that they’re perfect for bringing together large groups of people. It’s fitting, then, that board game costumes make such great group costumes! Each person can dress like his or her favorite game, so you’ll each stand out but still be part of the gang. Game costumes are perfect family costumes too – there’s a great Halloween costume out there for every member of the family.


Make this Halloween Game Night with board game costumes!

The Clock is Ticking: Halloween Costumes Galore!

Halloween is quickly approaching!  Do you have you costume yet?  No?  Don’t worry; it’s our job to supply you with the best costumes in town.  From scary costumes to candy costumes, our collection of Halloween Costumes is so deep that you might drown!


Halloween is a big day!  Everyone, from children to adults, get out of their skin and shows out for a howling night of haunting fun!  Kids Costumes set the Halloween traditions in motion at an early age.  All the classic costumes are available for the purists who believe that Halloween is owned by witches and vampires; for those who believe that boiling hot pots and hanging garlic balls are not only for decoration.  Child Costumes range from cute to adorable and heroic to historical.  The selection is close to unlimited!


Scary disguises birthed Halloween, but new trends have surfaced.  Sexy Costumes have taken over and leave little to the imagination!  Pop culture, superhero, and animal costumes populate the selection of sexy costumes to put seductive twists on your points of interests.  Leg Avenue takes these costumes to a new level and redefines the meaning of sexy!  Besides sexy, Food Costumes always make a notable appearance.  Hilarity is guaranteed anytime a partygoer dresses up as a piece of fruit or bar of candy.  That’s what Halloween is all about: having fun!


Not much time is left, but there are too many choices for you to have trouble choosing.  Take a leap of faith and go for something different, or find a costume that you’re comfortable with.  During your search, check out the latest costumes of 2011.

Come out with your Hands in the Air…and Wave them like you just don’t Care: Fun Police Officer Costumes!

Police officers have a love-hate relationship with the public.  Some are corrupt, but there are good ones.  This Halloween, choose which role you want to play—good cop, bad cop, or party cop!  Have fun and enforce your set of laws on Halloween night with our collection of Police Officer Costumes!


Police Costumes for men come in many different styles!  Most of our cop costumes come with the standard hat and badge, but there are many variations.  The Keystone Cop Costume offers an old school police look that is reminiscent of a law enforcer from the early 1900s.  For the more rebellious, the Corrupt Cop Costume is a more laid back and blasé getup that will have you strutting to your own tune.  Highway Patrol Cop and Trooper costumes let you man the fast lanes, while SWAT Team costumes give you the fortitude to bust down doors.  What kind of cop are you?


A different drift can be found with a Sexy Cop Costume!  Choices are endless!  Dirty Cop Costume, Sexy SWAT Costume, Sexy Pin Up Marshall Costume, Sexy Night Patrol Costume, and too many others to name are available.  They all have one thing in common: extreme sex appeal.  Inspect those suspicious cavities in a Sexy Strip Search Costume and make your own arrests.  Scan the crime scene in a Woman CSI Costume and track down that elusive perpetrator.  Build your own law fantasy with a police officer costume!


Create a new brand of justice this Halloween with a Police Officer Costume!

Pay Homage to a Great Year with a 2011 Costume!

Our new costumes set trends on Halloween!  Gather your close buddies and take the frightening evening by the horns with a fresh costume that’s ready for a grand premiere.  For 2011, take a look at all of our different genres from movies to television all the way down to food.  Our 2011 Costumes has choices for everyone!


Shock value doesn’t have to be gory.  Grab an eye opener that will have all the party goers laughing out loud.  The Sock Monkey Costumes are sure to be a big hit.  Sock Monkeys have grown in popularity since the KIA commercials, and they are perfect for fun families that like to coordinate.  Another great choice is a Pikachu Costume.  This Pokemon costume is just as bright and electric as the character in the cartoon.  You child can wag his tail to his wits end and hop around as a Pokemon for fun filled day of trick-or-treating.  But, on a more serious note the Dumb and Dumber Costumes will not make you stupid.  However, they will be the life of the party and make Jim Carrey proud!  2011 Halloween costumes are tailor made for a good time.


Sexy Costumes steal the show wherever they go!  Who knew a bottle of ketchup could be sexy?  With the Heinz Ketchup Dress for women, you will be the best spread on Halloween.  Condiments will never be the same.  Right along those lines, the Hello Kitty Costume takes the innocent and loveable cartoon character and turns it into a cute and classy costume.  Both of these should be great costumes for 2011.  Don’t miss out!


Our 2011 Costumes will be real treat this Halloween!

Drink Costumes

Earlier this week we showed off our favorite beer costumes, and today we’re setting out a new assortment of drink costumes for you, designed around liquor and champagne – what’s your favorite? Are you a vodka sort of guy, or a tequila kind of girl? Whatever your preferences, there’s something here for you. Vodka drinkers can pick from a vodka bottle costume, or sexy Top Shelf vodka dress, while tequila fans can choose a tequila bottle costume, or form fitting tequila dress. There’s a sexy Halloween costume for rum lovers too – you’ll be a vision in shining gold.


If you prefer champagne to hard liquor, we’ve got costumes sure to please your tastes as well. Our champagne bottle costume is great, and the matching sexy champagne dress is dazzling – I think it’s one of the sexiest costumes on the site!


Our drink costumes make great couples costumes – most of them come in both a guy’s and girl’s version, so you’re sure to look great, no matter what tipple you choose! If you’re heading out with all your friends, make it a group costume, with each person dressing as their drink of choice. It’s definitely a unique group costume idea!


If you’re not satisfied just dressing up as a bottle of liquor, why don’t you check out our ‘Dr. Shots’ and ‘Sexy Shooter’ costumes, which come with ways to hold individual measures of liquor, so you’ll never be without your beloved adult beverages. The Dr. Shots costume, which comes in both a guy’s version and a sexy lady’s version, includes large syringe props perfect for holding liquor, and a lab coat with belt loops to keep the booze close to you. The Sexy Shooter costume comes with plastic shot glasses and a holster ready to hold your favorite liquor. When you’re wearing one of these costumes, you’re guaranteed to be the life of the party!


Next week we’re continuing our food and drink month with candy and cupcake costumes. Have a great weekend!

Life and Art in Halloween Costumes

Art imitating life, life imitating art… well, which way is it? Life and art have been fused together into one interactive, highly connected experience as channeled by this newest wave of technology. In the past, pop culture largely depended on movies and television shows. Popular Halloween costumes reflected this simplicity. Take a look at our collection of classic Halloween costumes like Angry Birds, SpongeBob, and Star Wars as prime examples.




So, wait, what does that mean for 2011? 2020? It means that you can’t escape pop culture because, thanks to the most recent web upgrades, media entertainment is as “in the moment” as you are. Maybe more. For FindCostume, this impacts how trends begin – because we are in the Industry of Fun and Cool. Television, cinema, pop culture, and the latest buzz… this is a whole world in of itself now. And, a Halloween costume, how you outfit yourself, defines what you took away from that year and what kind of statement you want to make. Costumes like Angry Birds, SpongeBob, and Star Wars are a product of today’s society.



Most days of the year are unremarkable. October 31st is your opportunity to actually channel some bold statement, viewpoint, or attitude. Michael Jackson “Thriller” Costumes aren’t all the rage simply because the Moonwalk is that good, after all.  And, what do you think has sparked the most debate, controversy, and overall media hype this year? Whatever has funneled through every mode of technology will be the biggest hit this fall.



But, Halloween costumes aside, let’s get back to this “art imitating life and life imitating art” concept for a moment. Mobile technology and the sheer omnipresence of the Internet have caused the images on the screen to infiltrate, shape, and redefine reality as we experience it.



Cell phones are actually getting smarter. So smart, in fact, that we have Smartphones instead of cell phones. The concept of the telephone is becoming as outdated as the rotary dial was 20 years ago. Thanks to the launch of the new iPad by Apple, even books are becoming archaic. Well, if the phones get any smarter, I say we abandon the cost of higher education altogether in favor of better data service plans.



Halloween costumes are a testament to the strength and durability of pop culture, and the landscape of this culture is changing by the day, the dimension, and the dynamic between art and life. If you are fully absorbed in all the modern benefits of Web 2.0, it’s high time you consider what Halloween 2.0 offers. You can choose a Traditional Halloween costume and go as a witch, ghost, or fairy. Just make sure you know the full scope of what’s hot this year. The Sexy Costumes, particularly Sexy Mouse, Sexy Derby Jockey, and Sexy Big Bird gives you an idea of how art and culture are striving to break down boundaries to shock, stun, and entertain. Halloween is the ultimate collision of art and life. This is your night to imitate, but more importantly, you get to bring your own voice and vision to the world you live in today.