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Life and Art in Halloween Costumes

Art imitating life, life imitating art… well, which way is it? Life and art have been fused together into one interactive, highly connected experience as channeled by this newest wave of technology. In the past, pop culture largely depended on movies and television shows. Popular Halloween costumes reflected this simplicity. Take a look at our collection of classic Halloween costumes like Angry Birds, SpongeBob, and Star Wars as prime examples.




So, wait, what does that mean for 2011? 2020? It means that you can’t escape pop culture because, thanks to the most recent web upgrades, media entertainment is as “in the moment” as you are. Maybe more. For FindCostume, this impacts how trends begin – because we are in the Industry of Fun and Cool. Television, cinema, pop culture, and the latest buzz… this is a whole world in of itself now. And, a Halloween costume, how you outfit yourself, defines what you took away from that year and what kind of statement you want to make. Costumes like Angry Birds, SpongeBob, and Star Wars are a product of today’s society.



Most days of the year are unremarkable. October 31st is your opportunity to actually channel some bold statement, viewpoint, or attitude. Michael Jackson “Thriller” Costumes aren’t all the rage simply because the Moonwalk is that good, after all.  And, what do you think has sparked the most debate, controversy, and overall media hype this year? Whatever has funneled through every mode of technology will be the biggest hit this fall.



But, Halloween costumes aside, let’s get back to this “art imitating life and life imitating art” concept for a moment. Mobile technology and the sheer omnipresence of the Internet have caused the images on the screen to infiltrate, shape, and redefine reality as we experience it.



Cell phones are actually getting smarter. So smart, in fact, that we have Smartphones instead of cell phones. The concept of the telephone is becoming as outdated as the rotary dial was 20 years ago. Thanks to the launch of the new iPad by Apple, even books are becoming archaic. Well, if the phones get any smarter, I say we abandon the cost of higher education altogether in favor of better data service plans.



Halloween costumes are a testament to the strength and durability of pop culture, and the landscape of this culture is changing by the day, the dimension, and the dynamic between art and life. If you are fully absorbed in all the modern benefits of Web 2.0, it’s high time you consider what Halloween 2.0 offers. You can choose a Traditional Halloween costume and go as a witch, ghost, or fairy. Just make sure you know the full scope of what’s hot this year. The Sexy Costumes, particularly Sexy Mouse, Sexy Derby Jockey, and Sexy Big Bird gives you an idea of how art and culture are striving to break down boundaries to shock, stun, and entertain. Halloween is the ultimate collision of art and life. This is your night to imitate, but more importantly, you get to bring your own voice and vision to the world you live in today.

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