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Earlier this week we showed off our favorite beer costumes, and today we’re setting out a new assortment of drink costumes for you, designed around liquor and champagne – what’s your favorite? Are you a vodka sort of guy, or a tequila kind of girl? Whatever your preferences, there’s something here for you. Vodka drinkers can pick from a vodka bottle costume, or sexy Top Shelf vodka dress, while tequila fans can choose a tequila bottle costume, or form fitting tequila dress. There’s a sexy Halloween costume for rum lovers too – you’ll be a vision in shining gold.


If you prefer champagne to hard liquor, we’ve got costumes sure to please your tastes as well. Our champagne bottle costume is great, and the matching sexy champagne dress is dazzling – I think it’s one of the sexiest costumes on the site!


Our drink costumes make great couples costumes – most of them come in both a guy’s and girl’s version, so you’re sure to look great, no matter what tipple you choose! If you’re heading out with all your friends, make it a group costume, with each person dressing as their drink of choice. It’s definitely a unique group costume idea!


If you’re not satisfied just dressing up as a bottle of liquor, why don’t you check out our ‘Dr. Shots’ and ‘Sexy Shooter’ costumes, which come with ways to hold individual measures of liquor, so you’ll never be without your beloved adult beverages. The Dr. Shots costume, which comes in both a guy’s version and a sexy lady’s version, includes large syringe props perfect for holding liquor, and a lab coat with belt loops to keep the booze close to you. The Sexy Shooter costume comes with plastic shot glasses and a holster ready to hold your favorite liquor. When you’re wearing one of these costumes, you’re guaranteed to be the life of the party!


Next week we’re continuing our food and drink month with candy and cupcake costumes. Have a great weekend!

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