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Come out with your Hands in the Air…and Wave them like you just don’t Care: Fun Police Officer Costumes!

Police officers have a love-hate relationship with the public.  Some are corrupt, but there are good ones.  This Halloween, choose which role you want to play—good cop, bad cop, or party cop!  Have fun and enforce your set of laws on Halloween night with our collection of Police Officer Costumes!


Police Costumes for men come in many different styles!  Most of our cop costumes come with the standard hat and badge, but there are many variations.  The Keystone Cop Costume offers an old school police look that is reminiscent of a law enforcer from the early 1900s.  For the more rebellious, the Corrupt Cop Costume is a more laid back and blasé getup that will have you strutting to your own tune.  Highway Patrol Cop and Trooper costumes let you man the fast lanes, while SWAT Team costumes give you the fortitude to bust down doors.  What kind of cop are you?


A different drift can be found with a Sexy Cop Costume!  Choices are endless!  Dirty Cop Costume, Sexy SWAT Costume, Sexy Pin Up Marshall Costume, Sexy Night Patrol Costume, and too many others to name are available.  They all have one thing in common: extreme sex appeal.  Inspect those suspicious cavities in a Sexy Strip Search Costume and make your own arrests.  Scan the crime scene in a Woman CSI Costume and track down that elusive perpetrator.  Build your own law fantasy with a police officer costume!


Create a new brand of justice this Halloween with a Police Officer Costume!

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