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Pay Homage to a Great Year with a 2011 Costume!

Our new costumes set trends on Halloween!  Gather your close buddies and take the frightening evening by the horns with a fresh costume that’s ready for a grand premiere.  For 2011, take a look at all of our different genres from movies to television all the way down to food.  Our 2011 Costumes has choices for everyone!


Shock value doesn’t have to be gory.  Grab an eye opener that will have all the party goers laughing out loud.  The Sock Monkey Costumes are sure to be a big hit.  Sock Monkeys have grown in popularity since the KIA commercials, and they are perfect for fun families that like to coordinate.  Another great choice is a Pikachu Costume.  This Pokemon costume is just as bright and electric as the character in the cartoon.  You child can wag his tail to his wits end and hop around as a Pokemon for fun filled day of trick-or-treating.  But, on a more serious note the Dumb and Dumber Costumes will not make you stupid.  However, they will be the life of the party and make Jim Carrey proud!  2011 Halloween costumes are tailor made for a good time.


Sexy Costumes steal the show wherever they go!  Who knew a bottle of ketchup could be sexy?  With the Heinz Ketchup Dress for women, you will be the best spread on Halloween.  Condiments will never be the same.  Right along those lines, the Hello Kitty Costume takes the innocent and loveable cartoon character and turns it into a cute and classy costume.  Both of these should be great costumes for 2011.  Don’t miss out!


Our 2011 Costumes will be real treat this Halloween!

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