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It’s Family Game Night Come to Life! – Game Group Costumes

Board games: the perfect activity for a rainy day, a weeknight after dinner, or a night in with the family. In the age of video games, board games have gotten a bit of a bum rap, but there’s no denying – spending time with people you love is a great way to use an afternoon. Why not bring that family game night fun with you on Halloween? Whether you’re a Scrabble or Monopoly devotee, prefer active games like Darts and Twister, or love the classics like Match Game and Tic-Tac-Toe, there’s a very cool game costume you’ll love wearing (and in some cases, playing!)



When you wear many of our game costumes, you can not only look like your favorite pastime, but you can actually play that game on the go. With a Match Game costume, complete with removable pieces that stick to the outfit, you can challenge your Halloween date to a competition, as with the checkers costume, darts costume, and Tic-Tac-Toe costume. We’ve got a Twister costume too, but we recommend you not play that one while it’s being worn!


For game-loving couples, we’ve got great game costume options in our Monopoly costumes and Scrabble costumes. Both come in styles for men and women, so dudes can look cool and girls can look sexy while embodying a unified theme. Our tic-tac-toe costumes come in men’s and women’s costume versions too, both of which are totally playable on-the-go. You’ll have the most fun couples costume at the party, for sure!


The great thing about games is that they’re perfect for bringing together large groups of people. It’s fitting, then, that board game costumes make such great group costumes! Each person can dress like his or her favorite game, so you’ll each stand out but still be part of the gang. Game costumes are perfect family costumes too – there’s a great Halloween costume out there for every member of the family.


Make this Halloween Game Night with board game costumes!

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