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Get in Character: Fun Pranks and Tricks to do in Halloween Costumes

Halloween is a day dedicated to fun!  Loosen up a bit and let go of the inhibitions that stifle your happiness year round.  Don’t worry about what everyone thinks of you because a good costume can switch your identity for the night.  You can play a role that you dream of with one of our Halloween Costumes!


Ever wonder why street entertainers always have a full cup of donations?  It’s because they are willing to put their talents to use.  Hustle your neighbors for extra candy with a Michael Jackson Costume.  Moonwalk, spin, and kick your legs to the rhythm of Thriller and they won’t have a choice but to hand over more candy.  If you’re not too light on your feet, but have insane vocals that can lift any pair of ears up to cloud nine, then check out a Lady Gaga Costume.  As Lady Gaga, you can freak out your neighbors and calm their ears at the same time.  You might receive more candy, spare change, or maybe even a record deal.  You never know!


A fun prank that Halloween allows you to fathom is exorcism.  Our Religious Costumes look like the real deal.  A group costume can be coordinated using our Priest and Nun Costumes.  Dress up in these holy garbs with a bible in hand, and put your acting skills to the test.  Convince unsuspecting neighbors that lonely and lost ghosts seek refuge on Halloween night, and that their house is at risk of being haunted.  If you really want to look convincing bring some holy water and bust out some bible verses while you’re at it.  However, some might not want to upset a higher power.  Another fun prank involves Superhero Costumes.  Dress up as Superman, Batman, or any hero and have a friend dress up as a criminal.  Your friend should steal a bag of candy from a child, and that’s when you swoop in to take down the robber and return the candy to the kids.  Make sure you return the candy!


Halloween presents many opportunities to have fun; just be a little creative.  Think and live outside the box for a night with one our Halloween Costumes!

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