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Sexy Christmas Costumes that Heat up the Holidays!

Unfortunately Christmas is celebrated during one of the coldest months of the year!  The winter chills keep smiles frigid and limbs frozen.  Heaters and radiators can only go so far in trapping the warmth.  Try a new and daring technique.  Turn up the heat by dressing up in a Sexy Costume with a holiday theme!


Sexy Ms. Santa Clause Costumes are set to melt the snow in the North Pole before Christmas even begins!  Spice up the cold night with Sexy Christmas Costume that vary in choice.  Ladies with the Christmas spirit can choose between different Mrs. Clause costumes that range from sexy to even sexier, and mostly feature short skirts and scintillating red tops.  If the First Lady of Christmas is not your plate of cookies, then you can also try a Sexy Santa’s Helper Costume or a Sexy Elf Costume.  Bring some steamy encounters to the North Pole by dressing up in a sexy holiday costume!


Don’t worry Mrs. Clause won’t hog all of the holiday heat.  Try a Sexy Nightmare Before Christmas Costume.  Fans of the classic movie will love to dress up as one of these movie characters.  Choose between a Sexy Jack Skellington Costume and a Sexy Sally Costume.  Both costumes are sexy and are sure to get the job done come Christmas time.  That’s not the only Christmas movie with hints of sex appeal.  Take a look at the Sexy Leg Lamp Costume inspired by the movie A Christmas Story.  Movie fans will love these costumes!


Make sure this Christmas is a special one by celebrating the special holiday in a sexy costume!

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