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Learn About the Bird and the Bees with our Animal Costumes!

Valentine’s Day is approaching, and your stomach is full of butterflies swirling around in anticipation of the season of love.  Cupid’s arrows will fall from the sky to strike down unsuspecting bachelors and bachelorettes, and love will bring the kindred pair together but you must be aware.  Before the point of no return, everyone should take a course on the basics.  Learn about the Birds and the Bees with our Animal Costumes!


The art of seduction is a tricky subject.  Start your education off with a Peacock Costume.  Women can strut their stuff in the vibrant feathers of a peacock.  The wings stand out and scream for attention because peacocks use their bountiful feathers and dazzling colors to attract their mates.  These cute costumes handle the aesthetic aspect of attraction, but the gift of gab is just as important.  Parrot Costumes will put you in a chirping mood!  Along with the colorful wings, the face opening will allow you to talk all you want.  Parrots are the smooth talkers of the wild so you shouldn’t have any problems holding a conversation.  Aside from these envious traits, birds also lay eggs.  They represent the glamorous parts of nature, and the necessary grit: pregnancy.  Who knew costumes were so educational?


Bee Costumes are cute, colorful, and sexy!  Black and yellow was popular well before Wiz Khalifa and Pittsburgh.  These colors help to create the perfect bug costumes.  Women and children will not hesitate to buzz around and cause havoc at costume parties.  Just make sure you keep your stinger to yourself.  Bees and their handling of pollen symbolize fertility in the “birds and the bees” metaphor.  There are more to bees than their hypnotic stripes.  Think outside the beehive, and you’ll see!


The birds and bees is sordid subject to teach.  Try a creative approach.  Demonstrate nature with an Animal Costume!

Exciting Couples Costumes!

Don’t go it alone!  All of the classic cliché combo catchphrases still apply.  It takes two to tango and two heads are better than one!  Most things are more fun when you have someone to share it with.  Test this theory out with a Couples Costume!


Funny Couples Costumes cover a wide range of areas!  You can dress up as food, games, television characters, electrical sockets, and more.  Much of the humor in these costumes comes from the group dynamic.  Getups such as the Penis and Vagina Costumes are funny by themselves, but also play off of each other to great effect.  The same goes for the Plug and the Socket Costume as well as the Adam and Eve Costumes.  Become the life of the party with a funny costume!


Couples TV Costumes allow you to dress up as your favorite character!  Create your own episode of the Simpsons with a Homer or Marge costume.  These characters will be recognized anywhere.  For a blast from the past, give the Fred and Wilma Costumes a good once over.  Bedrock can be in the palm of your hands!  All of the classics show up in the collection.  Charlie Brown, Gumby, and the Jetsons are all quality characters and even better costumes!


These categories are only teasers for the whole collection.  Search through our Couples Costumes and choose an idea for two!

Run the Country with a Presidential Costume!

He’s got the whole wide world in his hands!  Remember hearing that song?  As a child, you probably heard it all the time and tried to realistically picture someone having the earth in the palm of his or her hands.  Well, that’s not yet possible, but the person closest to achieving that feat is the president of the United States.  With Presidents Day not too far away, try your hand at changing the world with a Presidential Costume and Political Mask!


Keep it modern with a Barack Obama Mask!  Both accurate and exaggerated Obama masks are on hand to give you a choice of expressions.  Slip on one of these masks and strive for change!  Take a walk down memory lane and have fun with a Bill Clinton or George W. Bush Mask.  Act out all of the highs and lows of their presidential reigns to have a good time!  These funny masks are useful in more ways than one.  These masks provide much needed comedic laughter but they also represent a desire for excellence!


Pay homage to the founding fathers with our George Washington Costumes! After all, Presidents Day is the commemoration of his birthday.  Bring the colonial look back in style and place your mark on everything you touch.  George Washington was the first so make a great first impression with this colonial costume, or you can imitate another leading man that had just as much impact.  That man is Abraham Lincoln.  Reign over your peers with a beard and top hat by wearing an Abraham Lincoln Costume.  Your presence will be felt worldwide, or at least throughout your home when you wear a Presidents Costume!


Presidents Day celebrates the first of a long line of presidents!  Study your history and gain an intuitive learning experience or just have fun by dressing up as a President!

Feel the Power of Love with our Valentine’s Day Costumes!

There has to be a party on Valentine’s Day!  There’s a party for every occasion.  Pet turtles have funerals so I think it’s safe to say that there will be a number of gatherings to celebrate this day of union.  Don’t get left behind!  Be prepared for a last minute Valentine’s Day rave by taking a look at our Sexy Costumes!


Cupid Costumes will be red-hot come Valentine’s Day!  Any ladies with a penchant for matchmaking can spice up the night in a sexy costume.  The Sexy Cupid Costume is a heartbreaker in more ways than one!  Short skirts are already head turners but combine that with a cute color scheme inspired by Cupid, and you have a very romantic costume that is seductive enough to cause strokes.  The Sexy Kiss Me Cupid Costume is just as stunning.  Choose your costume and shoot arrows of love in any direction, but make sure it lands on the right target!


Valentine’s Day is all about the couples and the celebration of a strong relationship!  Make the perfect Valentine couple by partnering one of the sexy cupid costumes with the Adult Cupid Costume.  Now boyfriend and girlfriend can spread the love to others.  These costumes would make ideal couples costumes for this special holiday.  Leave the image of a flying baby archer at home, and update the appearance with some pizzazz!


The spirit of Valentine’s Day is held strong and pushed forth by the people!  Keep peace and harmony by conveying love in every way possible.  Dress up in a Cupid costume that shows how much you value Valentine’s Day!

Always Stay in Style with a Classic Costume!

Classics never get old!  They cross generations and impress just as much as before, if not more.  Classics never go out of style and never cease to impress.  Go with a safe bet, and try one of our Classic Costumes!


Start with a scary costume!  The classic scary figures and Halloween icons are well represented.  Ride around town on broom in a Witch Costume, suck blood in a Dracula Costume, or haunt the abandoned house in your neighborhood in a ghost costume that’s more than just a white sheet.  However, these costumes are not for the faint of heart.  Animal Costumes are universal because everyone will recognize a lion, rat, or bear costume.  Who doesn’t want to terrorize the city in the form of a wild animal?  It’s safer than hunting!


King Costumes are for those who thrive on attention!  Everyone will yearn to be in your presence when you garnish yourself in royal fabrics with vibrant colors.  These costumes are showstoppers by nature, just like our Princess Costumes.  These costumes are long, flowing, and beautiful.  Females of all ages can live out a Cinderella fantasy.  As for security, the Royal Guard Costumes will make sure you stand tall with fortitude and sophistication, in honor of the king.  A whole royal family and kingdom can be made and used as a group costume!


These suggestions are just the tip of the iceberg!  Search through our different categories and find a Classic Costume that brings you back to a special time!

Cheap Costumes for a Tight Budget!

There are always reasons to save money.  The economy is bad.  New Years just passed and your resolution is to cut down on costs.  A week in Hawaii means no trips to happy hour for a couple of months.  That’s just the tip of the iceberg.  The point is that there are always reasons to save money.  Spend what you can afford and find what you want by checking out our collection of Cheap Costumes!


Cheap Funny Costumes are your best bet for two reasons: they’re cheap and funny!  You won’t find a costume over 30 dollars, and the selection is vast.  Child Banana Costumes and Child Hot Dog Costumes offer you a tough choice between food groups.  Full body food getups are hilarious and look good enough to eat.  Pun costumes are a great choice.  The Chick Magnet, Deviled Egg, and Blow Me Costumes are all clever and guaranteed conversation starters at any costume party.  Laugh your night away without denting your wallet!


Cheap Adult Costumes have a full load of costumes that cover all of the popular genres!  Religious costumes put Jesus at the forefront of everyone’s mind and live up to his meager means through the cheap price and heavenly appearance.  All of your favorite television and movie characters are available.  From Fred Flintstone to Neo from the Matrix and down to Popeye.  The women also have a large selection that is highlighted by the Cheap Sexy Costumes.  High skirts and tight tops define this group of costumes.  Sex appeal comes included with every costume!


This was just an appetizer!  There are many more costumes that come at a low price.  Save your money and get your money’s worth with a Cheap Costume!