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Find the perfect Halloween Costume in Half the Time!

Cheap Costumes for a Tight Budget!

There are always reasons to save money.  The economy is bad.  New Years just passed and your resolution is to cut down on costs.  A week in Hawaii means no trips to happy hour for a couple of months.  That’s just the tip of the iceberg.  The point is that there are always reasons to save money.  Spend what you can afford and find what you want by checking out our collection of Cheap Costumes!


Cheap Funny Costumes are your best bet for two reasons: they’re cheap and funny!  You won’t find a costume over 30 dollars, and the selection is vast.  Child Banana Costumes and Child Hot Dog Costumes offer you a tough choice between food groups.  Full body food getups are hilarious and look good enough to eat.  Pun costumes are a great choice.  The Chick Magnet, Deviled Egg, and Blow Me Costumes are all clever and guaranteed conversation starters at any costume party.  Laugh your night away without denting your wallet!


Cheap Adult Costumes have a full load of costumes that cover all of the popular genres!  Religious costumes put Jesus at the forefront of everyone’s mind and live up to his meager means through the cheap price and heavenly appearance.  All of your favorite television and movie characters are available.  From Fred Flintstone to Neo from the Matrix and down to Popeye.  The women also have a large selection that is highlighted by the Cheap Sexy Costumes.  High skirts and tight tops define this group of costumes.  Sex appeal comes included with every costume!


This was just an appetizer!  There are many more costumes that come at a low price.  Save your money and get your money’s worth with a Cheap Costume!

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