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Feel the Power of Love with our Valentine’s Day Costumes!

There has to be a party on Valentine’s Day!  There’s a party for every occasion.  Pet turtles have funerals so I think it’s safe to say that there will be a number of gatherings to celebrate this day of union.  Don’t get left behind!  Be prepared for a last minute Valentine’s Day rave by taking a look at our Sexy Costumes!


Cupid Costumes will be red-hot come Valentine’s Day!  Any ladies with a penchant for matchmaking can spice up the night in a sexy costume.  The Sexy Cupid Costume is a heartbreaker in more ways than one!  Short skirts are already head turners but combine that with a cute color scheme inspired by Cupid, and you have a very romantic costume that is seductive enough to cause strokes.  The Sexy Kiss Me Cupid Costume is just as stunning.  Choose your costume and shoot arrows of love in any direction, but make sure it lands on the right target!


Valentine’s Day is all about the couples and the celebration of a strong relationship!  Make the perfect Valentine couple by partnering one of the sexy cupid costumes with the Adult Cupid Costume.  Now boyfriend and girlfriend can spread the love to others.  These costumes would make ideal couples costumes for this special holiday.  Leave the image of a flying baby archer at home, and update the appearance with some pizzazz!


The spirit of Valentine’s Day is held strong and pushed forth by the people!  Keep peace and harmony by conveying love in every way possible.  Dress up in a Cupid costume that shows how much you value Valentine’s Day!

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