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Exciting Couples Costumes!

Don’t go it alone!  All of the classic cliché combo catchphrases still apply.  It takes two to tango and two heads are better than one!  Most things are more fun when you have someone to share it with.  Test this theory out with a Couples Costume!


Funny Couples Costumes cover a wide range of areas!  You can dress up as food, games, television characters, electrical sockets, and more.  Much of the humor in these costumes comes from the group dynamic.  Getups such as the Penis and Vagina Costumes are funny by themselves, but also play off of each other to great effect.  The same goes for the Plug and the Socket Costume as well as the Adam and Eve Costumes.  Become the life of the party with a funny costume!


Couples TV Costumes allow you to dress up as your favorite character!  Create your own episode of the Simpsons with a Homer or Marge costume.  These characters will be recognized anywhere.  For a blast from the past, give the Fred and Wilma Costumes a good once over.  Bedrock can be in the palm of your hands!  All of the classics show up in the collection.  Charlie Brown, Gumby, and the Jetsons are all quality characters and even better costumes!


These categories are only teasers for the whole collection.  Search through our Couples Costumes and choose an idea for two!

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