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Learn About the Bird and the Bees with our Animal Costumes!

Valentine’s Day is approaching, and your stomach is full of butterflies swirling around in anticipation of the season of love.  Cupid’s arrows will fall from the sky to strike down unsuspecting bachelors and bachelorettes, and love will bring the kindred pair together but you must be aware.  Before the point of no return, everyone should take a course on the basics.  Learn about the Birds and the Bees with our Animal Costumes!


The art of seduction is a tricky subject.  Start your education off with a Peacock Costume.  Women can strut their stuff in the vibrant feathers of a peacock.  The wings stand out and scream for attention because peacocks use their bountiful feathers and dazzling colors to attract their mates.  These cute costumes handle the aesthetic aspect of attraction, but the gift of gab is just as important.  Parrot Costumes will put you in a chirping mood!  Along with the colorful wings, the face opening will allow you to talk all you want.  Parrots are the smooth talkers of the wild so you shouldn’t have any problems holding a conversation.  Aside from these envious traits, birds also lay eggs.  They represent the glamorous parts of nature, and the necessary grit: pregnancy.  Who knew costumes were so educational?


Bee Costumes are cute, colorful, and sexy!  Black and yellow was popular well before Wiz Khalifa and Pittsburgh.  These colors help to create the perfect bug costumes.  Women and children will not hesitate to buzz around and cause havoc at costume parties.  Just make sure you keep your stinger to yourself.  Bees and their handling of pollen symbolize fertility in the “birds and the bees” metaphor.  There are more to bees than their hypnotic stripes.  Think outside the beehive, and you’ll see!


The birds and bees is sordid subject to teach.  Try a creative approach.  Demonstrate nature with an Animal Costume!

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