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Find the perfect Halloween Costume in Half the Time!

Satisfy your Sweet Tooth with a Candy Costume!

Kids dream of being able to eat candy for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and desert!  However, those are just dreams.  The cavities and calories is a harsh reality.  By the time your adult years come forth, the urge to indulge in sweets is there but calmed down by annual doctor visits.  With one road closed, make new one.  Here’s a new slogan for food costumes, “If you can’t eat ‘em, join ‘em”!  Attack Halloween with an Candy Costume!


M&M’s Costumes are childhood favorites that stand the test of time!  Take a trip back in time when flavors were colors and vice versa.  Choose your choice of colors or be the wrapper.  It’s your choice!  M&M Peanuts and plain are available for variety’s sake.  Another stroll down candy lane reveal our set of Twix Costumes!  Twix is a delicious blend of chocolate and caramel, and thankfully, the costumes are just as pleasing.  Chocolate costumes can sweeten up any deal!


Chocolate bars and candy are just too appealing to resist!  Everything from Sugar Babies to Tootsie Rolls is mouth watering.  The same goes for the chocolate bar costumes like our Adult Snickers Costume and 3 Musketeers Dress.  We can’t forget about the candy costumes packed with sugar.  The Skittles Costume Dress is prettier than an actual rainbow and the Starburst Costume Dress is very vibrant.  Candy Costumes are the perfect choice for group costumes!


Friends, families, and enemies can converge under their love of candy!  Halloween will be twice as fun, thanks to our Adult Candy Costumes!

Celebrate Jewish History with a Purim Costume!

Purim is an annual Jewish holiday that celebrates the liberation of Jewish people in Ancient Persia.  They successfully escaped an extermination plot by King Ahasuerus’s Prime Minister, Haman.  On the 14th day of the Hebrew month of Adar, Purim is celebrated.  Prepare for this joyous merriment with our collection of Purim Costumes!


Our Adult Purim Costumes feature a selection of biblical figures and roles!  The story of Purim revolves around Queen Esther.  Play a vital role in Purim with a majestic Queen Esther Costume that’s just as magnetic as the role she played in saving her people from destruction at the hands of Haman.  If you’re not feeling like a queen, try a Rabbi Costume with a payis and the clothes to match!  For Purim or Halloween, try on a religious costume and give the night more meaning than usual!


Child Purim Costumes turns the celebration into a family affair!  Kids can choose from many of the important characters in the story of Purim.  Queen Esther and Mordechai Costumes round out the collection to give the celebrations an extra boost.  Rabbi Costumes, Mother Rachel Costumes, and more are available.  Dressing up takes religious observation to a whole new level of worship; a level that uses immersion to produce appreciation.  Halloween costumes can be much more than just fun or scary disguises.  Jewish Costumes can serve a greater purpose if you allow it!


Along with the feasts, prayers, recitations, and gift giving, try honoring this special holiday with a Purim Costume!

Commemorate the First with a George Washington Costume!

George Washington was born on February 22, 1732.  President’s Day celebrates George Washington’s birthday, but every year the holiday falls on the third month of February.  In 2012, President’s Day is on February 20.  Impress your friends with this tidbit of historical fact.  If you want to take the impression up another notch, dress up in a George Washington Costume to show your appreciation!


Adult George Washington Costumes carry an unmatched political aura!  The pants, sash, and jabot, all scream of an American brand of royalty.  Complete this president’s costume with a wig and you’ll be the head of state in no time.  The distinct colonial look will have a great effect upon your mannerisms.  You won’t be able to resist walking with your head held high.  Your posture will be the picture of perfection.  You will be a pioneer and take on any challenge!


Child George Washington Costumes cause a much similar effect!  Your little hero can dress up as a Founding Father from the colonial style vest down to the pants.  Combine this colonial costume with a colonial wig, and learning history will become fun.  These historical costumes are great ideas for teachers and students.  Play and theater productions or classroom presentations can be improved dramatically with these period costumes that accurately represent their designated eras.  Kids costumes can be both fun and educational!


Whether it’s for President’s Day 2012, George Washington’s actual birthday, or a side activity, George Washington Costumes are the way to go!

Funny Group Costumes that will Cause a Ruckus!

The more the merrier applies to Halloween costumes more than ever!  Group costumes may seem trendy, but they’re here to stay.  What could be more fun than dressing up in crazy costumes with a group of friends or family?  Fun can be doubled and even tripled when costumes are coordinated.  Now add a pinch of comedy to the equation, and our collection of Funny Group Costumes will be your salvation!


Play with your dinner and not get scolded for it by dressing up in a Food Costume!  Go through all of the food groups and find a funny costume that suits you.  Candy, cereal, fruits, and vegetables can all be on the same plate if you gather enough people.  You don’t have to worry about cavities, upset stomachs, or your blood pressure.  Food fights won’t involve stains, and you can dress up as your favorite cereal characters.  Funny food costumes provide more variety than any other category!


To deal with all of that food, Utensil Costumes are probably in order!  Choose between the regulars: a fork, knife, and spoon.  The fruits can’t cut themselves!  Whatever party you crash, make sure it’s not a snooze fest.  If it is and the silence is uncomfortable, cut the tension with a South Park Costume.  Stop killing Kenny for a moment and cause trouble under the guise of this troubling crew.  Television character costumes coordinate into amazing group and couples costumes because of the already defined roles.  Look up your favorite show and imitate your favorite character!


Assuming another identity for the night gives you a level freedom that can’t be replicated (legally)!  Round up a great group of friends and have a blast in a Funny Group Costume!

Be Retroactive in a TV Character Costume!

Take it back, way back!  The classic shows of the 70’s and 80’s seem like a distant memory.  For those of you that grew up in the Internet era, there were more colors than black and white in the 1940’s.  The televisions didn’t have color.  You’re parents and grandparents were not colorblind, and they enjoyed great television programming.  Pay homage to the old days of fresh programming with a retro TV Character Costume!


I Love Lucy Costumes pay tribute to a classic television show that pioneered the sitcom genre!  Wait hand and foot, and show off your wicked sense of humor in a Lucy Costume that’s the representative image of a 50’s housewife.  Don’t forget to grab a partner to wear the Ricky Costume and create an awesome group costume!  Another great vintage television show is Happy Days.  Walk around as the coolest person around in a Fonzie Costume.  Throw your collar and thumbs up, and all the babes will swarm to you!


America’s favorite family makes a comeback with the Brady Bunch Costumes!  Group costumes don’t come easier than this.  Round up the whole family and take on your favorite roles, but you might need more people to fill out this big happy family!  Load of classics populate our collection!  Women can dress up in an I Dream of Jeannie Costume and make a wish to perhaps find Gilligan’s Island.  Disguise yourself as Skipper or the infamous Gilligan and create an amazing funny costume!


Retro is the word of the day and Will Ferrell wants to keep it that way with a Semi-Pro Costume!  This movie doesn’t date back like the shows previously mentioned, but Jackie Moon is on a mission.  Suit up and shoot the 3!


Experience a blast from the past with these Halloween costumes based off of notable TV characters!