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Be Retroactive in a TV Character Costume!

Take it back, way back!  The classic shows of the 70’s and 80’s seem like a distant memory.  For those of you that grew up in the Internet era, there were more colors than black and white in the 1940’s.  The televisions didn’t have color.  You’re parents and grandparents were not colorblind, and they enjoyed great television programming.  Pay homage to the old days of fresh programming with a retro TV Character Costume!


I Love Lucy Costumes pay tribute to a classic television show that pioneered the sitcom genre!  Wait hand and foot, and show off your wicked sense of humor in a Lucy Costume that’s the representative image of a 50’s housewife.  Don’t forget to grab a partner to wear the Ricky Costume and create an awesome group costume!  Another great vintage television show is Happy Days.  Walk around as the coolest person around in a Fonzie Costume.  Throw your collar and thumbs up, and all the babes will swarm to you!


America’s favorite family makes a comeback with the Brady Bunch Costumes!  Group costumes don’t come easier than this.  Round up the whole family and take on your favorite roles, but you might need more people to fill out this big happy family!  Load of classics populate our collection!  Women can dress up in an I Dream of Jeannie Costume and make a wish to perhaps find Gilligan’s Island.  Disguise yourself as Skipper or the infamous Gilligan and create an amazing funny costume!


Retro is the word of the day and Will Ferrell wants to keep it that way with a Semi-Pro Costume!  This movie doesn’t date back like the shows previously mentioned, but Jackie Moon is on a mission.  Suit up and shoot the 3!


Experience a blast from the past with these Halloween costumes based off of notable TV characters!

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