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Commemorate the First with a George Washington Costume!

George Washington was born on February 22, 1732.  President’s Day celebrates George Washington’s birthday, but every year the holiday falls on the third month of February.  In 2012, President’s Day is on February 20.  Impress your friends with this tidbit of historical fact.  If you want to take the impression up another notch, dress up in a George Washington Costume to show your appreciation!


Adult George Washington Costumes carry an unmatched political aura!  The pants, sash, and jabot, all scream of an American brand of royalty.  Complete this president’s costume with a wig and you’ll be the head of state in no time.  The distinct colonial look will have a great effect upon your mannerisms.  You won’t be able to resist walking with your head held high.  Your posture will be the picture of perfection.  You will be a pioneer and take on any challenge!


Child George Washington Costumes cause a much similar effect!  Your little hero can dress up as a Founding Father from the colonial style vest down to the pants.  Combine this colonial costume with a colonial wig, and learning history will become fun.  These historical costumes are great ideas for teachers and students.  Play and theater productions or classroom presentations can be improved dramatically with these period costumes that accurately represent their designated eras.  Kids costumes can be both fun and educational!


Whether it’s for President’s Day 2012, George Washington’s actual birthday, or a side activity, George Washington Costumes are the way to go!

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