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Celebrate Jewish History with a Purim Costume!

Purim is an annual Jewish holiday that celebrates the liberation of Jewish people in Ancient Persia.  They successfully escaped an extermination plot by King Ahasuerus’s Prime Minister, Haman.  On the 14th day of the Hebrew month of Adar, Purim is celebrated.  Prepare for this joyous merriment with our collection of Purim Costumes!


Our Adult Purim Costumes feature a selection of biblical figures and roles!  The story of Purim revolves around Queen Esther.  Play a vital role in Purim with a majestic Queen Esther Costume that’s just as magnetic as the role she played in saving her people from destruction at the hands of Haman.  If you’re not feeling like a queen, try a Rabbi Costume with a payis and the clothes to match!  For Purim or Halloween, try on a religious costume and give the night more meaning than usual!


Child Purim Costumes turns the celebration into a family affair!  Kids can choose from many of the important characters in the story of Purim.  Queen Esther and Mordechai Costumes round out the collection to give the celebrations an extra boost.  Rabbi Costumes, Mother Rachel Costumes, and more are available.  Dressing up takes religious observation to a whole new level of worship; a level that uses immersion to produce appreciation.  Halloween costumes can be much more than just fun or scary disguises.  Jewish Costumes can serve a greater purpose if you allow it!


Along with the feasts, prayers, recitations, and gift giving, try honoring this special holiday with a Purim Costume!

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