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Relive the Ides of March in a Roman Costume!

The Ides of March are upon us!  March 15, 44 B.C., Julius Caesar was betrayed and assassinated at the height of his power.  The phrase, “Et tu, Brute?” has been immortalized as the lament of treachery.  Roman history has been romanticized over and over.  Replay that moment or other events of that period with a Roman Costume!


Relive the Ides of March in a Julius Caesar Costume!  Wear the royal garbs of a ruler but make sure you always stay on guard.  You can never be too safe!  The infamous Roman statesman walked around with an honorable stature.  Try and capture his aura with the Adult Caesar the Great Costume.  Grab this classic costume and tell a story on Halloween night that has been rehashed throughout history, but this time you can put your own spin on it!


Gladiator Costumes perfectly paint the warlike times of the Roman era!  Bear the ancient armor of the times and fight with valor against any foe you encounter.  A gladiator’s spirit is unmatched, but there is a whole other side to battle and war: women.  Wars have been fought over women, and that reason will  be obvious when you feast your eyes on an Adult Roman Queen Costume.  These sexy costumes can be characterized as magical, majestic, and intoxicating.  Historical costumes cover all bases!


This Halloween will be one to remember!  Show your appreciation for the legend and lore of history with these classic Roman Costumes!

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