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Mother Costumes in honor of Mother’s Day!

In honor of Mother’s Day, we should recognize all of the notable mothers throughout history, folklore, and popular culture.  From religion to cartoons, the maternal figure has been a calming and strong presence.  Those two qualities are perfect for Halloween.  Someone has to lead the way.  Check out our Halloween Costumes that are highlighted by a mother’s touch!


Let’s start off with the Virgin Mother!  A Mary Costume will be a breath of fresh air on Halloween night.  Drape her holy fabrics over your shoulder and float through the night.  Virgin Mary costumes can be a great jumping point for a group costume.  Religious costumes offer a number of characters that go hand in hand.  Another option that fits the maternal theme is a Jewish Mother Rachel Costume.  This Purim Costume is cute as a button and perfect for any little girl.  Don’t forget about the Mother Superior Costume.  The nun uniform is ready for action!


The motherly character makes an appearance in every genre!  Horror movie fans will love the Psycho Mother Costume.  Alfred Hitchcock’s classic film is here to take over Halloween.  There’s nothing creepier than a man dressed up as an old lady, unless it’s Grandmama.  If you’re not a fan of chilling thrills, try a Mother Goose Costume on for size.  Relive a classic fairy tale and play mother to all!


The role of mother spans across many different categories!  We’ve seen the scary and the beautiful sides.  Choose one that fits you, and celebrate Mother’s Day on Halloween!

Enjoy the Other Side of Halloween with a Funny Costume!

Turn Halloween upside down!  Forget about the scary costumes and haunted houses for a moment.  Pull the sheets away from the fake ghosts and look past any monsters.  This Halloween is going to be about good time and laughter.  The easiest way to accomplish this is with a Funny Costume!


For a fit of uncontrollable laughter, take a look at our Pun Costumes!  Dress up in a hilarious costume with a clever and sometimes raunchy twist.  A great example of this is the Third Leg Costume that hints at something other than a deformity.  The Sick as a Dog Costume is funny, quick, and unpredictable.  At times pun costumes straddle the offensive line.  Our Offensive Costumes possess a dash of bawdy to loosen things up.  Shake things up a bit and free yourself with a Harry Banana Hammock Costume.  You won’t regret the liberation!


Funny Animal Costumes brings the unpredictability of the wildlife to Halloween!  Choose from a number of animal costumes that range from traditional to tricky.  The Cow Costume grabs its comedic value from the normal features of a cow, while the Card Shark Costume relies on wordplay.  For the lonely guys looking for that special someone, the Frog Prince Costume may be in order.  If that’s not funny enough for you, boost your laugh rate with a Drink Costume!  Vodka Costumes, Tequila Costumes, and Champagne Costumes will jumpstart any dieing party!


Provide a breath of fresh air on a spooky Halloween night with a Funny Costume!

Save Money with a Cheap Sexy Costume!

“Cheap” and “sexy” sometimes hang out in the same back alley, but during these harsh economic times “cheap” is always a positive.  Inexpensive, low price, half price, and free are open-arm eye-openers.  Combine a healthy wallet with a healthy dose of eye candy, and you’ve found yourself one step closer to heaven.  Enjoy the spoils of life with a Cheap Sexy Costume!


Our collection of Cheap Sexy Costumes offers a variety of scandalous options!  If life’s weighing you down, take a dip into the murky waters of erotic innocence with a Sexy Snow White Costume!  The seven dwarves won’t be along for this ride, but you might be in for a poisonous night.  That’s not the only childhood favorite.  The Adult Pebbles Costume is painfully pink, and the Sexy Little Bo Peep Costume gives this nursery rhyme a more experienced twist!  These Halloween Costumes bring back memories and keep you sexy, but the best part is the price tag!


Explore any fantasy you can think of!  Fulfill the fantasies of all those starving patients in a Sexy Naughty Nurse Costume.  Your patience may wear thin but there will always be a line of patients when you wear one of these sexy costumes.  Leg Avenue also aims to please!  The Prisoner of Love Costume puts you in the role of an escaped convict that uses her sharp curves to slip through the cracks.  Play a prisoner or a doctor at an affordable price!


Role-play is an amazing distraction that relies on imagination!  Imagination is cheap and so are our costumes.  Live a double life just for one night in a Cheap Sexy Costume!

Feed your Soul with a Music Costume!

Music is a universal language that nourishes the soul and tickles your spirit!  The way we breathe, walk, and talk can be funneled into musical delight.  Its profound effect on the human psyche is apparent worldwide.  Listeners scream their vocal chords apart at the sight of a singing sensation.  Get a taste of music’s mysterious powers with a Music Costume!


Impersonate arguably the most popular singer ever in a Michael Jackson Costume!  Choose your favorite version of the king of pop.  From Billie Jean to Thriller, you have the pick of the litter.  Moonwalk all over Halloween night and snatch the hearts of everyone you come across.  You might not be able to captivate millions, but you’ll definitely get more candy with this celebrity costume!  Not everyone has the moves to keep up with the late legend.  Try an Elvis Costume for a grooving change of pace.  Rock your hips, flash that hundred-dollar smile, and start a dance revolution!


Become a modern day sensation with a Lady Gaga Costume!  Weirdness and creativity may swim in the same pool.  Straddle that line of thought with one of Lady Gaga’s unique costumes.  The Black Sequin Dress walks from the runway and right into Deep Space 9.  Any of her costumes is a test in interpretation, but they are fun and free at the same time.  Our Katy Perry Costumes fall along the same line but stray more towards the sex appeal aisle.  The Katy Perry Whipped Cream Costume is also fun and free, but seductive as well.  When music is attached to an arousing visual, the sky is the limit!


Our collection spans from modern to legendary!  Find your taste in sound and character with one of our Music Costumes!

Turn your Life into the Big Screen with a Sexy Movie Costume!

The summer months are a hop, skip, and slip away!  It’s a slip not a jump because once you blink spring will be gone.  Overcoats will be stuffed in the back of the closet and tank tops will move up the ladder.  Good weather means more skin and blockbuster movies.  Sex sells and Hollywood knows this better than most!  Take advantage of this motto with a Sexy Movie Costume!


Classics and blockbusters don’t usually sit in the same category, but neither do summer and winter!  Sexy Nightmare Before Christmas Costumes are physical ironies.  A sexy nightmare is a “stress”-releasing dream for some.  The Sexy Jack Skellington Costume bares bones to make you forget about Jack’s original bare bones frame, but if Sally’s colorful yet dreadful style is more of your taste, have fun with the Sally Nightmare Before Christmas Costume!


Skimpy costumes are made for good weather!  The Tomb Vixen Costume will put you into the mind state of the adventurous Tomb Raider.  Trouble will put its ugly head down in fear when you’re strolling down the street.  If you’re glamour goddess, give the Female Movie Star Costume a chance.  This dress is stunning enough to cast a dazzling gust of Marilyn Monroe wind.  Classic moments can be staged under the right conditions!  Sexy Wizard of Oz Costumes can remake a classic into a seductive tale.  Create a group costume that will rival the sex appeal of Charlie’s Angels!


Prepare for the “fun in the sun” season in a different way!  Bikinis are going out of style.  Bridge the creativity and fun with a Sexy Movie Costume!