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Turn your Life into the Big Screen with a Sexy Movie Costume!

The summer months are a hop, skip, and slip away!  It’s a slip not a jump because once you blink spring will be gone.  Overcoats will be stuffed in the back of the closet and tank tops will move up the ladder.  Good weather means more skin and blockbuster movies.  Sex sells and Hollywood knows this better than most!  Take advantage of this motto with a Sexy Movie Costume!


Classics and blockbusters don’t usually sit in the same category, but neither do summer and winter!  Sexy Nightmare Before Christmas Costumes are physical ironies.  A sexy nightmare is a “stress”-releasing dream for some.  The Sexy Jack Skellington Costume bares bones to make you forget about Jack’s original bare bones frame, but if Sally’s colorful yet dreadful style is more of your taste, have fun with the Sally Nightmare Before Christmas Costume!


Skimpy costumes are made for good weather!  The Tomb Vixen Costume will put you into the mind state of the adventurous Tomb Raider.  Trouble will put its ugly head down in fear when you’re strolling down the street.  If you’re glamour goddess, give the Female Movie Star Costume a chance.  This dress is stunning enough to cast a dazzling gust of Marilyn Monroe wind.  Classic moments can be staged under the right conditions!  Sexy Wizard of Oz Costumes can remake a classic into a seductive tale.  Create a group costume that will rival the sex appeal of Charlie’s Angels!


Prepare for the “fun in the sun” season in a different way!  Bikinis are going out of style.  Bridge the creativity and fun with a Sexy Movie Costume!

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