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Mother Costumes in honor of Mother’s Day!

In honor of Mother’s Day, we should recognize all of the notable mothers throughout history, folklore, and popular culture.  From religion to cartoons, the maternal figure has been a calming and strong presence.  Those two qualities are perfect for Halloween.  Someone has to lead the way.  Check out our Halloween Costumes that are highlighted by a mother’s touch!


Let’s start off with the Virgin Mother!  A Mary Costume will be a breath of fresh air on Halloween night.  Drape her holy fabrics over your shoulder and float through the night.  Virgin Mary costumes can be a great jumping point for a group costume.  Religious costumes offer a number of characters that go hand in hand.  Another option that fits the maternal theme is a Jewish Mother Rachel Costume.  This Purim Costume is cute as a button and perfect for any little girl.  Don’t forget about the Mother Superior Costume.  The nun uniform is ready for action!


The motherly character makes an appearance in every genre!  Horror movie fans will love the Psycho Mother Costume.  Alfred Hitchcock’s classic film is here to take over Halloween.  There’s nothing creepier than a man dressed up as an old lady, unless it’s Grandmama.  If you’re not a fan of chilling thrills, try a Mother Goose Costume on for size.  Relive a classic fairy tale and play mother to all!


The role of mother spans across many different categories!  We’ve seen the scary and the beautiful sides.  Choose one that fits you, and celebrate Mother’s Day on Halloween!

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