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Nothing’s As Sweet As Nostalgia With These Cereal Costumes

Do you recall walking alongside your mother’s shopping cart and having the privilege to pick out your own cereal? Or maybe you didn’t get that choice and you had to secretly pine away for those Lucky Charms or Trix. Well, now’s your chance to relive those sugar-laden memories with these Cereal Costumes!

Dress up as a Leprechaun in a Lucky Charms Costume, and reminisce about overflowing bowls of Lucky Charms drowning in milk and how you only used to eat the marshmallows treats.

For those that root for the underdog, one underdog (or underrabbit, I should say) that will always be remembered is Trix Rabbit. He only wanted one bite of Trix, you rascally kids! Dress up in a Trix Rabbit Costume and attempt to steal every bowl of Trix you can find (or that you place yourself).

Or you could represent the old-school cereals with a Count Chocula Costume and a Frankenberry Costume! Regardless of age, these cereal costumes are sure to be a treat at any party. So gather your friends and put together a sweet group with all of your favorite childhood cereal mascots to choose from!

And if cereal just isn’t your thing, you can still be edible with these delicious looking Food Costumes.

Recreate History with a Civil War Costume!

Memorial Day celebrates the fallen Union soldiers of the Civil War!  Their efforts helped the United States of America improve as a nation and as a civil society.  Along with Halloween, Declaration Day presents the perfect opportunity to carry on their legacies.  Show how much you appreciate the sacrifices they made by dressing up in a Civil War Costume!


Fight for the winning side by suiting up in a Union Officer Costume!  Double-breasted jackets, classy collars and cuffs, and spiffy trousers characterize this collection.  You’ll be a war ready gentleman in no time, but if you want to stand out and stand tall, try the Abraham Lincoln Costume.  Honest Abe always makes a lasting impression!


For a full-fledged portrayal, find a fitting Confederate Costume!  Play for the other team in a Confederate General Costume, Confederate Officer Costume, or Confederate Soldier Costume.  A war needs two sides to exist.  Find a group of friends and create an educational group costume.  Historical Costumes can also be used for school plays and productions!


Whether it’s for Halloween or Memorial Day, Civil War Costumes always serve a purpose!

Horror Movie Costumes that Bring the Fright Back to Halloween!

There are different types of horrors movies.  Many are gory, some are thrilling, and others are downright creepy.  Today, these films can be divided into two categories: cheap thrill and scarred for life.  The cheap thrill makes you jump out of your seat, while the other makes you eerily uncomfortable for a long period of time.  Create these same effects with our Horror Movie Costumes!


Friday the 13th Costumes can capture both categories!  The strongest man in the world will scream like a little girl if you surprise him with a Jason Costume.  Jason Voorhees is the epitome of scary.  He revolutionized horror films, but lately there has been a shift to characters that couple gory actions with a creepy appearance.  Saw costumes fully encompass this phenomenon.  The saw pig costume and saw puppet costume are unsightly and will reach deep down into the pits of anyone’s stomach.  Scary costumes have an immense impact!


For a menacing fear that creeps up your spine, take a look at the Michael Myers Costume!  It’s a simple horror costume, but it casts a shadow of fear that will follow anyone.  You won’t be able to sleep and you’ll be afraid of the dark.  Even if you do manage to catch some shuteye, our Freddy Kruger Costumes will take over your dreams.  It seems like Halloween isn’t safe, sleep or awake.  Pinhead, Hannibal Lecter, Frankenstein, and many more will make sure of that!


Create a lasting impression on anyone you come across by stalking around town on Halloween night in a Horror Movie Costume!

Create your own Adventure with our Avengers Costumes!

Everyone is buzzing about The Avengers!  The group of superheroes battled their way into the hearts and imaginations of millions.  Highflying antics and super strength left a lasting impression, and now everyone is left wanting more.  Live out the hit movie with our collection of Avengers Costumes!


The Hulk Costume is a smash hit!  Try not to take your anger out on everyone else when you put on this superhero costume.  Children can transform into the ripped and raging monster, and conquer their enemies with brute strength.  The Avengers are a tight knit group.  Grab a friend and add to the team.  The Thor Costume will help you summon the elemental powers, and send down strikes of godly proportions.  Movie costumes will work in conjunction with your imagination to prepare you for an exciting Halloween!


Fight for a greater purpose in a Captain America Costume!  Your child can be covered in the red, white, and blue from head to toe.  An adventure is inevitable on Halloween!  Have your little one team up with a friend.   An Iron Man Costume can turn anyone into a great companion.  Make sure you complement these costumes with the Captain America gloves and the Iron Man gloves.  Superhero accessories are a vital part of the heroic process!


Fighting crime and battling evil villains is not that simple.  To play the part, you have to look the part.  Start a heroic transformation with our Avengers Costumes!

Feel the Limelight in a Celebrity Costume!

Did you ever wonder what it’s like to be famous?  Dreams of the bright lights, red carpets, and the big screen have crossed through everyone’s mind at some point in time.  Celebrities typify the high life that everyone strives for, but can’t have.  Live out your fantasies on Halloween with a Celebrity Costume!


Reach a worldwide audience or simply moonwalk with a Michael Jackson Costume!  Many of Michael Jackson’s famous outfits are in our collection.  From Thriller to Beat It to Billie Jean, we have all of your favorite versions of the King of Pop.  Amaze everyone with gravity defying dance moves and enjoy Halloween in style!  Or you can rock your hips in the guise of another legend.  Elvis Presley Costumes ooze with the charisma and style that revolutionized music.  Bring back the flavor of the 50s with this amazing music costume.  Everyone will know who you are on Halloween!


You have a great choice of music stars!  Katy Perry, Hannah Montana costumes, Lady Gaga costumes, and much more are in our collection.  We also have stars from the big screen.  Charlie Sheen Costumes are proven winners.  Embody the layered picture of a celebrity with a Charlie Sheen wig, hat, or mask.  These funny costumes allow you to play a different role for a night.  Get out of character and be the star of the show!


Some say fame and money is overrated!  See if these words are true by dressing up in a Celebrity Costume on Halloween night!

Bring in National Nurses’ Day with a Nurse Costume!

National Nurses Day celebrates the outstanding efforts of registered nurses all over the country.  May 6 marks the momentous celebration and the beginning of National Nurses Week that lasts until May12, Florence Nightingale’s birth date.  In honor of National Nurses Day, here’s a peek at our collection of Nurse Costumes!


Patch up wounds in a classic Nurse Costume!  You’ll be manning the hallways of a hospital and calming the emergency room commotion in this amazing career costume.  Halloween as a nurse presents a world of opportunities!  Create an awesome couple’s costume by pairing up your getup with a doctor costume, and you’ll give the EMT a run for their money.  Roam the streets on Halloween in search of patients.  Kids can also get a head start on their dreams with a Child Nurse costume that will incite a helping spirit.  These Halloween costumes are infused with good values!


Sexy Nurse Costumes take a different approach to the healing process!  Every one of these sexy costumes appeals to inevitable fantasies that run through a patient’s head.  Instead of medicine, these sexy career costumes use a blend of bikinis and short skirts to take away the pain.  Alternative medicine takes a turn in an erotic direction.  Sexy Nurse Costumes are set and ready to keep your vitals at an all-time high!


Halloween doesn’t fall within the week of National Nurses’ Day, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t commend them for their efforts.  Walk in their shoes by dressing up in a Nurse Costume!