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Bring in National Nurses’ Day with a Nurse Costume!

National Nurses Day celebrates the outstanding efforts of registered nurses all over the country.  May 6 marks the momentous celebration and the beginning of National Nurses Week that lasts until May12, Florence Nightingale’s birth date.  In honor of National Nurses Day, here’s a peek at our collection of Nurse Costumes!


Patch up wounds in a classic Nurse Costume!  You’ll be manning the hallways of a hospital and calming the emergency room commotion in this amazing career costume.  Halloween as a nurse presents a world of opportunities!  Create an awesome couple’s costume by pairing up your getup with a doctor costume, and you’ll give the EMT a run for their money.  Roam the streets on Halloween in search of patients.  Kids can also get a head start on their dreams with a Child Nurse costume that will incite a helping spirit.  These Halloween costumes are infused with good values!


Sexy Nurse Costumes take a different approach to the healing process!  Every one of these sexy costumes appeals to inevitable fantasies that run through a patient’s head.  Instead of medicine, these sexy career costumes use a blend of bikinis and short skirts to take away the pain.  Alternative medicine takes a turn in an erotic direction.  Sexy Nurse Costumes are set and ready to keep your vitals at an all-time high!


Halloween doesn’t fall within the week of National Nurses’ Day, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t commend them for their efforts.  Walk in their shoes by dressing up in a Nurse Costume!

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