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Recreate History with a Civil War Costume!

Memorial Day celebrates the fallen Union soldiers of the Civil War!  Their efforts helped the United States of America improve as a nation and as a civil society.  Along with Halloween, Declaration Day presents the perfect opportunity to carry on their legacies.  Show how much you appreciate the sacrifices they made by dressing up in a Civil War Costume!


Fight for the winning side by suiting up in a Union Officer Costume!  Double-breasted jackets, classy collars and cuffs, and spiffy trousers characterize this collection.  You’ll be a war ready gentleman in no time, but if you want to stand out and stand tall, try the Abraham Lincoln Costume.  Honest Abe always makes a lasting impression!


For a full-fledged portrayal, find a fitting Confederate Costume!  Play for the other team in a Confederate General Costume, Confederate Officer Costume, or Confederate Soldier Costume.  A war needs two sides to exist.  Find a group of friends and create an educational group costume.  Historical Costumes can also be used for school plays and productions!


Whether it’s for Halloween or Memorial Day, Civil War Costumes always serve a purpose!

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