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Nothing’s As Sweet As Nostalgia With These Cereal Costumes

Do you recall walking alongside your mother’s shopping cart and having the privilege to pick out your own cereal? Or maybe you didn’t get that choice and you had to secretly pine away for those Lucky Charms or Trix. Well, now’s your chance to relive those sugar-laden memories with these Cereal Costumes!

Dress up as a Leprechaun in a Lucky Charms Costume, and reminisce about overflowing bowls of Lucky Charms drowning in milk and how you only used to eat the marshmallows treats.

For those that root for the underdog, one underdog (or underrabbit, I should say) that will always be remembered is Trix Rabbit. He only wanted one bite of Trix, you rascally kids! Dress up in a Trix Rabbit Costume and attempt to steal every bowl of Trix you can find (or that you place yourself).

Or you could represent the old-school cereals with a Count Chocula Costume and a Frankenberry Costume! Regardless of age, these cereal costumes are sure to be a treat at any party. So gather your friends and put together a sweet group with all of your favorite childhood cereal mascots to choose from!

And if cereal just isn’t your thing, you can still be edible with these delicious looking Food Costumes.

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