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Show off your Reflexes with a Cowboy Costume!

♠Everything’s in place—dusty trails, tumbleweeds, holsters, and saloons!  The old west still has an aura of legend.  Old-fashioned duels and shootouts were the norm.  Horses and wagons were the main forms of transportation, and a stone scowl won the fight before it started.  Relive the golden age of danger and glory with a Cowboy Costume!

♣Before you strap on your snakeskin and get into character, start the look with a Cowboy Hat!  Start from the top and work your way down to the bottom.  These western hats come in different colors and styles.  Women will look sassy, and the men will look rugged and daring.  Strap the old west hat to your chin and make sure it doesn’t blow away as you speed off on your horse.  Kick up dust in a western costume!

♣Some men can walk through the Wild West with their brim down and not get fazed, but for the young ones in training, we have your rite of passage: Child Cowboy Costumes!  If you want to play the part, you have to look the part.  Throw on your vest, fix your bandana, and have your holster ready.  One Halloween night in this classic costume, and your little boy will become a man.  All he needs now is the boots with the spurs!

♠If anyone gives you the wrong look this Halloween, suit up in a Cowboy Costume and prepare for a quick draw standoff!

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