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Let Fido Join In the Fun with a Dog Costume!

Don’t leave out man’s best friend this Holiday season! Dog costumes are the perfect way to keep Fido part of the holiday festivities. This Halloween everyone will be dressing up: Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, even Grandma will be in a costume. Give your pooch the option as well!

Who wouldn't want this furry vigilante by their side?

When I was younger, just a wee lass,  I would go off on Halloween with my bumble bee costume on and treat pail in tow, leaving my dog home, all alone. Without a costume, I thought, “he can’t come out and play.” Now this isn’t a problem at all with all those  fun Halloween dog costumes!  I was delighted the first time Lucky came out with us on Halloween as a giant hot dog. Nothing could be better than having your dog by your side at Halloween because not only is he always happy but he won’t eat my candy! (He was a very well trained dog.)

Now I had the same problem at Christmas. We were taking our family group picture and our most furry family member wasn’t part of it because he didn’t have a Santa hat like the rest of us! After thoroughly complaining to my mom, she buckled and got him this adorable Santa Dog Costume.

Santa Paws, as I liked to call him, is a great way to make everyone feel the holiday spirit this year! Walking my dog in this fun dog Christmas costume got a lot of smiles from my neighbors and friends.  Spread holiday cheer this year with your pet and you’re sure to realize that the world is a great place, especially with a dog by your side.

No matter what the occasion, these pet holiday costumes are sure to be a hit with your friends and family. Especially if you dress up in these fun holiday costumes! Nothing says “Merry” more than Santa Claus with his faithful Santa Paws!

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