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International Costumes: Traveling without a Plane Ticket

When it comes to international travel, plane tickets, hotels, everything is expensive. But now travelling can cost as little as an International Costume for Halloween! Get transported to an exotic location this Halloween with the iconic outfits of faraway places.

You’ll be saying, “Konnichiwa”, when you dress up as a Geisha in one of our Asian Costumes. Grab some sushi for lunch and pour yourself some green tea while you pretend your on the island of Japan. Nothing will be more fun than learning some Japanese phrases such as, “Sayonara”, to say on Halloween!

Maybe Japan isn’t your style and you want to celebrate Halloween with more beer and less tea. Grab a stein, or two, and put on one of these German Costumes for some wholesome fun in a Beer Garden! You’ll be a smash at Halloween when you’re wearing a pair of lederhosen!

For those that want to travel to a different type rather than a different place, these Native American Costumes are a perfect match! Embrace the culture of the past and learn to be closer to nature while wearing these fun Navajo inspired outfits.

Don’t be stuck in one place this Halloween. Escape the mundane and explore the adventurous side of life in these brilliant International Costumes. You’re sure to inspire others to love travelling as much as you do.

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