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2012 Sexy Costumes

When it comes to being the sexiest thing on the block this Halloween, being up to date with the latest trends is a major requirement. These 2012 Sexy Costumes take the guess work out of what’s hot and what’s not for this year’s festivities!

With the newest selections available for Sexy Police Officer Costumes and Sexy Animal Costumes, you’re sure to find a new seductive twist on your favorite classic costume. Snow White gets an upgrade in the sultry category! You’ll be the fairest on the block this Halloween.  Seven dwarves won’t be the only men to want to hang around you this year, especially as the apple of everyone’s eye!

Less of a good-two shoes and more of a villain at heart? Dress up in the latest Catwoman costume from the Dark Knight Rises! 2012 is a year for Batman and all his villains. If Bane is just not your type, Catwoman will surely be the right choice. Based on Anne Hathaway’s costume in the movie, you’re sure to be the trendiest character available for Halloween.

If both seem less than appealing, and you’re looking for a character that’s not always associated with sex appeal check out latest addition, the Sexy Waldo Costume. Everyone will be looking for and at you this Halloween while you’re in this hot getup.  For once Waldo will be hard to miss, who could overlook such a sultry costume? So if you’re the type that normally blends in with the crowd and you are ready to break the mold, this Waldo outfit will surely be the way to do it!

2012 is the hottest year yet for Halloween Costumes. With such a wide selection of revamped classics, sexy originals and sultry adaptions, you’re sure to bring a bang to any party.

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