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2012 Movie Costumes for Halloween

Movies and Halloween go hand in hand!  The big screen’s influence spans across every generation.  Children, teens, and adults all fall under the spell of onscreen dramas.  They want to live out the constant barrage of action that categorizes film.  Iconic characters live out lives that aren’t even possible in dreams.  Sometimes the only way to capture that magic is to throw on a costume!

2012 has seen its share of interesting costumes, but the movie inspired disguises stand tall among the rest.  Films for kids are popped out every week, and each one is better than the last.  The little princess in the family has many choices.  A Tangled costume can transform any little girl into the mythical, long-haired mistress, and Halloween will give her the opportunity to live out a fairy tale.  Or, your little angel can set sail on a restorative family mission just like Merida from Brave!  Watch as she blazes through Halloween night as an adventurous redhead bent on making things right.  The wave of animated movies will give children the upper hand on Halloween!

The list jolly movies go on and on.  Despicable Me and Ted will make an appearance on Halloween.  These hilarious characters are sure to draw an extra handful of candy, door to door, but there is a category of costumes that transcends most others.  Click here and take a look at the Superhero Costumes.  Save the day, rescue a damsel in distress, or go trick-or-treating as a popular hero.  Captain America, Batman, Spiderman, Iron Man, and The Hulk costumes are available and ready for action!

Most movies cover every emotion.  Because of this, moviegoers identify with certain characters.  Find that character and take Halloween by storm!

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