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Elf Costumes: Ode to the Unappreciated!

Santa Claus gets all of the credit and fame, but Christmas is not a one-man job!  Mrs. Claus helps in the production and provides support for her husband.  The reindeer are the horsepower that tugs Santa and his gifts all across the globe, but there is another group that’s invaluable to Christmas.  The elves work the factory line.  They build and wrap the presents.  Without them, children everywhere would wake up in tears.  It’s time to pay homage.  Click here for starters!

Merry Christmas!

Elves are normally small but they have a unique style.  The classic red and green color combination is a staple of their wardrobe along with the classic curled up shoes.  Take a look at this special Christmas getup.  Don an elf costume and Santa will no choice but to put you on his payroll.  Velvet from head to toe, this costume is threaded with the holiday spirit.  Couples can coordinate and go to the office Christmas party as an elves in love.  Elves are naturally jovial, and excited about life.  Feed off their energy by dressing up in their garbs!

Children can also partake in the elf parade.  Dress up the whole family and wrap presents together.  Every holiday should offer something different.  This kind of family activity should provide plenty of unforgettable memories.  If you really want to take a walk in their shoes, click here.  Elf shoes have a unique look made for select occasions.  Wait till the sleds come out and the caroling ensues, then slip into a pair of elf shoes!

Santa’s little helpers need some recognition as well.  Shine light on an important part of the Christmas crew!

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