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Christmas is so close!  Can you feel it?  Excitement and awe have kids wound up for the holidays.  They want presents, and they want them now, but it’s not time yet.  The quiet before the storm is all about preparation.  Make this Christmas even better than the last.  Go a step further than the usual Christmas tree, ornaments, milk, and cookies.  Bring Christmas to life by calling the big man for a personal visit.  Click here to start!

Ho, ho, ho!

Every Christmas, your children sees the same ole beer belly Santa at the mall.  This wannabe Santa can’t remember anyone’s name and gets paid by the hour.  Parents need to bring Santa home for a personal visit.  Check out one of our Santa costumes, and plan the ultimate holiday.  When your child goes to sleep, put on the Christmas gear and place the presents under the Christmas tree.  Make sure to eat the cookies and drink the milk, but the last step is key.  As you finish up, make enough noise to wake your children up and allow them to sneak a peek at the man behind it all!

For an epic Christmas, you have to go all out!  Click here to find the pièce de résistance.  Santa’s gift bag is legendary.  It holds the key to every child’s happiness on Christmas.  Pair it up with one of our Santa suits and the look will be complete.  This project can be something the whole family can enjoy.  The missus can dress up as Mrs. Claus and relatives can dress up as elves.  The only thing missing are the reindeer.   Now that might take a little bit of luck and some hunting skills!

Every Christmas should be better than the last.  Don’t settle for a humdrum holiday.  Take the celebration to new heights!

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