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Drink Costumes to Start the New Year!

2013 is here and a new world of opportunities is in store!  A fresh start deserves some sort of celebration.  That’s up to you, but here are a few suggestions: kegger, toga party, costume party, or all-white party.  The list can go on for days, but when it comes down to it, all parties are the same.  There’s usually music, friends, singles, couples, dancing, and, of course, drinks!  They’re the heart of every party.  Enough drinks, and everyone’s sure to have good time!  Click here for something sort of different!


Drinks are great but Drink Costumes are amazing!  Whether it’s for Halloween or the annual office party, one of these costumes will come in handy.  Suit up as a beer mug and get drunk off fun.  Drinks will always be a staple of the party scene, but now you can redefine it and add some creativity.  This new dynamic is way more fun than the usual tradition of synchronized shots and merciless chugging.  Instead of guzzling the drinks till they vanish, become the drink.  Embody it until your senses fall into a drunken stupor.  Whether it’s as a beer mug, beer bottle, or beer man, a new way of experiencing drinking is possible.  Give it a try!

Not everyone is a fan of beer.  The reasons can range anywhere from taste to strength.  Hard drinks are more effective.  That might also be true in the costume world as well.  Click here and take a look at our tequila costumes.  Just like their liquid counterparts, liquor costumes are potent and straight to the point.  They provide more variety and more curves for women.  Dress up in one these costumes and keep track of your shot intake!

Drink costumes are fun in more ways than one!  Find your favorite drink and immerse yourself in the packaging.  It might not get you drunk, but you will definitely have a good time!

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