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And the Best Physique Goes to…

In today’s media driven world, image is everything!  The world is obsessed with the perfect physique.  Everyone wants a beach body, but everyone can’t have it.  Sometimes you just have to be proud of what you have, and flaunt it.  Muscles or flab, strut your stuff and your confidence will be contagious.  If you’re hesitant to completely free yourself, click here and take look at our Funny Costumes!


Workout buffs, we have the perfect costume for you!  Check out the Muscle Arms Costume.  If you ever wanted killer biceps and triceps then this one is for you.  Overnight, it’s possible to become a weight room stud.  Warning: this might have the same effect as the Axe body spray.  Hordes of women will flock to you and demand tickets to the gun show!  Turn Halloween night into a bodybuilding demo with this hilarious muscle costume!

For a funnier alternative, click here and take a look at our Fat Suit!  Let all the rolls and layers of fat just spread out and breathe.  A big belly means you’re living well.  Don’t be ashamed of your love handles.  Embrace them and everyone else will do the same.  Or you can take the physique show to a whole new level by checking out our 2nd Skin Costumes.  With these costumes, you can hide your identity and show off your true body form at the same time.  Pick a color or theme and have fun!

Halloween is the perfect excuse to just let loose and have fun!  Take advantage of this opportunity with our special costume suggestions!

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