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Adult Prisoner Costumes for the New Year!

Halloween is a long ways away but it’s never too early to start looking for a costume.  Plus, there will be many costume parties so there’s always a reason to have your costume ready.  Every Halloween, there’s a new trend and it’s your job to figure it out.  2012 was a slow and stagnant year, so the theme of 2013 is motion.  You need to always move forward and keep running straight ahead.  To symbolize this idea, try these costumes on for size!

The stripes are very becoming!

A prisoner costume represents your escape from the boring routine that is your life.  Check out this bad boy!  I doubt you’ve ever wanted to be part of a prison chain gang, but the feeling of freedom is exhilarating.  Don the black and white stripes and run from the boys in the blue like a zebra in the wilderness.  Just make sure you don’t look back.  If the stripes are not becoming of you, try a Jailhouse Jumpsuit.  The orange might be a better shade for your skin tone.  Anyone who’s on the lamb from boredom should take these costumes into consideration!

Click here for a sexy change of pace!  Women can turn the prison yard upside down with these sexy costumes.  The jail and prison colors are still the same, but the curves are different.  Halloween is all about pushing the envelope, and these jail costumes do just that.  Trade in your scary mask for a jumpsuit, and trade in your bag of candy for a ball and chain!

Prison Costumes can mean more than just a checkered past.  Wear one on Halloween, and symbolize freedom and rebellion!

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