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Costumes for Good Friday and Easter Sunday!

Next week will be a special one!  Good Friday precedes Easter Sunday but both days are equally important.  Good Friday commemorates the crucifixion and death of Jesus, while Easter Sunday celebrates the resurrection.  Click here to take the festivities to the next level!

Happy Easter!

Religious costumes are very fitting for these holy days.  Choose from different members of the Church like a priest or nun, or the major biblical figures.  For Good Friday and Easter, these costumes are must-haves.  Children and adults, alike, can walk around in holy robes and represent the Son.  These religious duds accurately depicts that period of time.  They’re all in good taste and should be appropriate for other occasions as well!

Although Easter Sunday celebrates Jesus, the Easter Bunny is now the figurehead!  Check out our collection of rabbit costumes and make this day something to remember.  Kids will enjoy the floppy ears and colorful fur.  Setup up an Easter egg hunt, hop to your heart’s content, and collect all the Easter eggs you can!

Spring is here!  Grab hold of it by the ears and have a Happy Easter!

Fast Food Costumes!

America is a fast food nation for many reasons.  The concept of the American Dream fosters a hustle and bustle attitude that pushes people to move at top speed all the time.  If you’re in a hurry, fast food is the most convenient option.  Plus, every other commercial on television is about fast food.  You can’t go a day without seeing a McDonald’s commercial.  Click here to cash in on that trend!

Move over Big Mac!

Let everyone know that Ronald McDonald is old news!  Ditch the golden arches and check out our French Fries costumes.  Everyone’s tired of McDonald’s fries and their claim of having the best fries around.  Bring your own recipe to the forefront with a classic pack of fries that look good enough to eat.  Find a friend, and make it into a combo with a Cheeseburger Costume stacked with two slabs of beef.  You won’t find a tastier costume come Halloween.  For the final pièce de résistance, choose between our Mustard and Ketchup Costumes.  Pick the topping of your choice, and do fast food the right way!

Taco Bell and Pizza Hut are second cousins to McDonald’s and Burger King!  Click here to give T-Bell a run for their money.  Our taco costumes look just as good if not better than the real thing.  It’s packed and wrapped with everything a Taco should have.  That hungry Chihuahua might have to start sniffing in a new direction.  Italian food is on the menu as well.  Our pizza costumes are way better than delivery, and it’s not as greasy.  The choice is yours!

Our Fast Food Costumes will bring life to the phrase, “You are what you eat!”

Green Costumes for St. Patrick’s Day!

St.Patrick’s Day is a green day!  Not Green Day the band or green as in environment, but as in the color green.  Come March 17, Celtic pride will be at an all-time high.  There will be parades, celebrations, and family gatherings to consecrate this special event.  To honor that special day, look for a green costume!

The first stop in your search for a costume should be here.  Green crayons are in style!  Women, children, and even pets can celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a childhood specialty.  Crayons represent creativity, innocence, freedom, and expression.  Leave a mark on everyone you meet, and don’t forget to color inside the lines!  The Hundred Dollar Bill Costume is another member of the green machine.  For anyone that’s low on money, this is the perfect costume.  You can look like a million bucks without having to buy an Armani suit!

Luck, luck, luck, and more luck!

Video game buffs should check out this section!  Mario’s brother, Luigi, has always had a green state of mind, and the Luigi Costumes follow suit.  You may not be able to collect coins or mushrooms on St. Patrick’s Day, but you can enjoy the company of your friends and family.  For good measure, click here to try a Leprechaun hat on for size.  It may be good luck.  Just don’t put the hat on the bed!

Have a happy St. Patrick’s Day!  Our green costumes will make everyone green with envy!