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Costumes for Good Friday and Easter Sunday!

Next week will be a special one!  Good Friday precedes Easter Sunday but both days are equally important.  Good Friday commemorates the crucifixion and death of Jesus, while Easter Sunday celebrates the resurrection.  Click here to take the festivities to the next level!

Happy Easter!

Religious costumes are very fitting for these holy days.  Choose from different members of the Church like a priest or nun, or the major biblical figures.  For Good Friday and Easter, these costumes are must-haves.  Children and adults, alike, can walk around in holy robes and represent the Son.  These religious duds accurately depicts that period of time.  They’re all in good taste and should be appropriate for other occasions as well!

Although Easter Sunday celebrates Jesus, the Easter Bunny is now the figurehead!  Check out our collection of rabbit costumes and make this day something to remember.  Kids will enjoy the floppy ears and colorful fur.  Setup up an Easter egg hunt, hop to your heart’s content, and collect all the Easter eggs you can!

Spring is here!  Grab hold of it by the ears and have a Happy Easter!

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