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Overlooked June Holidays

Honestly, these costumes can be worn in any month for several different occasions. But with Memorial Day now passed and Independence Day over a month away, most people don’t realize that June has its own unique holidays, too. Now we are calling attention to these bizarre celebrations with accompanying costume suggestions for your viewing pleasure!

June 1st is dare day. Just like it sounds, on this holiday your objective is to dare others (and subsequently be dared) to complete outrageously challenging tasks. The dare can take any form you like! Because this is a holiday for honoring daredevils, check out some of our devil costumes.

June 4th is Old Maid’s Day, honoring all the ladies above a certain age who have yet to meet Mr. Right. Not everyone is fortunate enough to meet “the one” in their prime. With this old lady mask, you can pay homage to the women who will be forever alone.

June 16th is Fresh Veggies Day and June 17th is Eat Your Vegetables Day. As you can imagine, these holidays are all about including more vegetables in your diet. Dress up as a veggie  and promote healthy eating habits at any occasion.

June 18th is Go Fishing Day. Click here to dress up your child for the occasion. This kids fisherman costume is cute to go fishing in but also works for costume parties and Halloween. For men, check out our hilarious (and offensive) fisherman costume that will have all eyes on you. You’ll have everyone on the floor laughing in this get-up.

Hilarious Pun Costumes

Liven up the party and bring on the laughs with our hysterical pun costumes! Embody modern-day phrases and expressions by literally bringing them to life. Show off your hysterical sense of humor and have everyone roaring with laughter when they get a look at you. With these pun costumes, you’re sure to have all eyes on you!

This unique costume is sure to make you the center of attention. We’ve all heard the expression “cock block.” This commonly used expression has been transformed into a very comical pun costume! With this costume, you’ll wear what looks to be a regular playing block that a child would play with. On one side of the block is a picture of a cock. No, not the type of cock that you’re thinking of. It’s a rooster! And on the other side is the letter C. Dressed in this costume, you’re sure to cause a laughing riot!

Click here to check out our other pun costumes for men. And don’t think that the pun fun can only be had by the men. Check out our pun costumes for women, too! Try dressing up in our mail order bride costume to really make a splash. This form-fitting tube dress looks like a package that has just come in the mail, with the word “fragile” written on it and covered in stamps. The costume includes a veil and bouquet to complete the look!