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Cute Candy Costumes

Happy Candy Month! Because we’re sure you probably are not aware of this sweet fact, June is National Candy Month. We’re lucky to live in a world where we have such easy access to candy. Here’s your chance to show how thankful you are for this delicious luxury. Everyone loves candy for obvious reasons. It’s super sugary and sends your taste buds on a joy ride. Did you know that there is another way to enjoy your favorite candy besides simply ingesting it? You can dress up as the candy that always puts a smile on your face and by doing so, make everyone else smile too by seeing you in one of these fun candy costumes!

If Skittles are your favorite candy, wear the Skittles dress and show everyone how much you love the bright and colorful snack. You’ll give everyone a taste of the rainbow in this fun candy dress that looks just like a Skittles candy wrapper. Well, you won’t look exactly like a rectangular-shaped package of candy. All of the candy dresses are made to show off your body’s natural curves.

If chocolate is your preferred candy of choice, then perhaps a Tootsie Roll costume is the way for you to go. Because these costumes are available for all ages and even for dogs, this is the perfect family costume! We’ve got costumes for almost every type of candy that tempts you as you wait in the line at the grocery store. Click here to see them all.

We may be approaching the end of June, but candy is something that is enjoyed all year-round!

Pet Costumes For Dogs

Why should humans have all the fun? Your animals can dress up too in any of our funny pet costumes! Your dog is already plenty cute, but they’ll look ten times more adorable wearing a costume that will make everyone stop and laugh. Your pet is like your child anyway.  Just as you dress up your kids for Halloween, your pets deserve the chance to take part in all of the fun! Whether you want to enter them into a dog show or are just looking for some good-nature fun, we’ve got the pet costume you didn’t even know you were looking for.

This dog bride costume is down-right hysterical. Your furry friend will be ready to walk down the aisle in this pet costume that will make her appear to be holding a bouquet of flowers! Plus she’ll be wearing a white gown and bridal veil.  Your canine is sure to be wagging her tail all day due to all the compliments she’ll receive from all who lay eyes on her!


Check out our K-9 Fire Rescue Dog Costume that will have your flea magnet looking just like a real firefighter, complete with a yellow fire coat and a red fireman’s hat. Your dog will appear to be a true hero. Women love a man in uniform, so there’s no reason to doubt that the same applies among animals, too!

Click here to see another great pet costume that is fit for a king. And your dog literally will be a king dressed in this regal burgundy robe and crown, both of which are trimmed in dalmatian print.

We’ve got even more to offer than this. Be sure to see our entire collection of pet Halloween costumes that are great for many different occasions.

Cute Couple Costumes

If you’ve got a costume party coming up and you really want to stand out from everyone else, then look no further. We’ve got a ton of couples costume ideas, several of which are sure to catch your fancy.

If you really want to stand out from the sea of mediocre costumes, you and your significant other can dress up as sock monkeys! This fun and unique couples costume will be all the rage. Coming in the form of a full body suit or dress, our sock monkey costumes are sure to impress.

Just because they’re called board games doesn’t mean they’re boring!  Here’s your chance to bring the classic games that everyone loves to life. Dress up in our Scrabble costumes to show everybody just how good nerds can look. The men’s Scrabble costume is a full body Scrabble board suit while the women’s costume is a sexy dress that’ll make you look like a hot librarian!

If you really want to make people laugh, boy have we got an idea for you. Go as Hugh Hefner and a Playboy bunny! Click here to look at our vast collection of playboy costumes and sexy bunny costumes.

We have a bunch of other options as well, ranging from dressing up as lawn gnomes to being bottles of Coca-Cola. No matter what you choose, any of our funny couple costumes are sure to cause a laughing riot!

Patriotic Costumes

Flag Day is June 14th and Independence Day, as you ought to know, is the 4th of July. It’s time to show your national pride and what better way to do so than by dressing up in one of these fun patriotic costumes!

Your precious princess can dress up as a USA cheerleader to show off how much she loves our wonderful country. This costume comes in both toddler and child sizes so your little girl of any age can show off her great spirit! Dressed in red, white and blue, the cheerleading uniform boasts the letters “USA” on the front. She’ll even have two cute pom poms to twirl around in the air. Everyone will think she’s unbelievably adorable!

There’s simply nothing like the classics. Check out our Uncle Sam costumes that come in all different styles. You can’t go wrong with dressing up as our national icon. What better way to show your support of our nation and its mission than dressing up as the icon that promotes democracy? This great political look is also just down-right fun! Uncle Sam wants YOU to proudly wear the stripes and stars of our nation’s flag.

Ladies, now is your chance to be the Statue of Liberty herself! Wearing her crown, gown, and holding the torch whose flame shall never go out as long as our American pride persists, you can bring the famous Lady Liberty to life!

Click here to check out our line of patriotic costumes for the entire family!