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Find the perfect Halloween Costume in Half the Time!

Crayola Crayon Costumes

The fun October holiday that we all know and love is right around the corner. Whether you are looking to dress up as part of a group or want a Halloween costume just for yourself, we’ve got quite a colorful Halloween costume idea for you. Go to the costume party or trick-or-treating looking like a walking, talking crayon! Our crayola crayon costumes come in an array of bright, bold colors and in different sizes to accommodate all genders, ages, and even dogs.

Pictured on the left is the most basic crayon costume we have. With a pointy cap that looks like the tip of a crayon and a body suit that’ll make you appear to be wrapped up in a Crayola label. Choose to stick with tradition and look like you came straight out of the crayon box or be a little more fashionable with the tutu dress version of the  Crayola costumes. Instead of being a shapeless crayon, you’ll wear a form-fitting dress that shows off your curves and your love for art at the same time! Click here for an example of the tutu dress that is available in all of the colors of the rainbow for women, teens, and girls.

Because our Crayola costumes are for kids as well as adults, dressing up as crayons will be a fun and imaginative family costume. Or you can grab your pals and all of you can dress up in different colors for a group costume. For a cute couples costume, wear the Crayola crayon box costume and the matching tutu dress!


Funny Pregnant Costumes

You’ve got a costume party coming up or maybe you’re just an early shopper already in search for a Halloween costume. No matter what your reason for landing on this page, we’ve got some great costume ideas in store for any man who wants to leave a hilarious lasting impression. A woman being pregnant is the norm, but if you’re a male who really wants to have everyone staring at you   for all the wrong reasons then we’ve got you covered! Strap on a pregnant belly bodysuit and add a traditionally female outfit with it in order to have everyone  rolling on the floor with laughter.

Pictured on the left is the new pregnant school girl costume. That’s right, man. You’ll be dressed like you are headed to school. Well, let’s be honest. As a student who has managed to get knocked up it is quite doubtful that you’ve been hitting the books. Show everyone your inner slutty self with this funny mens costume that is an interesting rendition of the typical sexy school girl outfit.

Your search for funny costumes for men ends here. If you really want everyone to know that your studies are the last thing on your mind, then check out our pregnant cheerleader costume. Everyone will be wondering how you have managed to squeeze into your cheerleading uniform with that huge belly of yours!

If you’ve got your own idea in mind, then click here for just the pregnant belly bodysuit and dress it up in your own creative way!


Family Fun Costumes

We know that Halloween isn’t until October, but it is never too early to start the costume hunt. We are here to make finding the right group costume for your family a snap. Boy do we have lots of ideas for you. Click here to see our entire collection of family costumes, but if you want some specific suggestions then read on!

Food costumes are a great way to stand out and have everyone’s mouth watering, too! Dress up as your favorite fruit, veggie, dessert and more by wearing one of these food costumes that come in different sizes to fit anyone from babies to grown adults! Whether you want to embody the deliciousness of bacon or dress up in banana costumes, we have got you covered.

Because we know that wearing family friendly costumes are what you are looking for, here are some group costume ideas that will be enjoyed not only by the members of your party but also by everyone who lays eyes on you! These penguin costumes are definitely a great choice. Every member of your family can dress up as the white and black animal. To really make people laugh, walk in a line with your arms by your side and get your penguin strut on!

If you want a family costume that is truly impressive then wear any of our Wizard of Oz costumes and you can all dress up as the different characters from the beloved, classic film. Wearing any Sesame Street costumes is also a great choice. Everyone can dress up as their favorite fur-covered monster!