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Gangnam Style Costume

Halloween is fast approaching and you still haven’t found any cool costumes that will  make you stand out at the party. Whether you’ve yet to come up with any good Halloween costume ideas or are just beginning your search for adult costumes that you could see yourself wearing, we’ve got some cool celebrity costume ideas for you. You can see all of our celebrity costumes by clicking here, but in this post the Gangnam Style costume will be the focus.

   Do you want to be as popular as the South Korean pop star PSY at the costume party? An international sensation, PSY managed to get the Youtube video with the most hits. And do you know what music video it was that put him over the top? Everyone’s seen it: Gangnam Style! If you think you can step up to the challenge and pull off PSY’s awesome dance moves, then wearing one of our gangnam style costumes is the right choice for you. This pop star costume consists of the gangnam style jacket that PSY wears in his music video. These gangnam style jackets come in a array of colors: dark blue, green, pink, white, and light blue. This Korean costume is simply the coolest of international costumes.

The October 31st holiday certainly isn’t just for kids. You may no longer go trick or treating, but wearing adult Halloween costumes is just as fun as getting free candy. Check out all of Gangnam Style costumes and you will find yourself a cool Halloween costume that will blow everyone away!

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