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Ass Costumes

In search of funny adult costume ideas? Look no further. Your googling for adult costume ideas has led you to the right place because we’ve got tons of funny adult Halloween costume ideas for you. Specifically, ass costumes are the funny Halloween costumes we have in mind. Ass costumes are funny adult costumes that will literally make you look like an ass! You can find the ass costume that perfectly matches your personality or one that is totally different from what you are like in real life. Either way, you are sure to stand out and cause lots of laughter by wearing any of these funny adult Halloween costumes!


 To the left is the basic ass costume that is a headpiece shaped like a butt that one wears on their face. The headpiece has eyes on it, which really makes it come to life. It may seem a bit creepy, but the humor of this funny adult costume overshadows its disturbing factor. If you want an ass costume that has more of a personality, then you can choose from other ass costumes.

The kiss ass costume has red lipstick marks all over it, while the punk ass costume has spiky purple hair. If you were never gifted in school or just generally make poor decisions, then the dumb ass costume featuring a pointy dunce cap would be the right adult costume for you to wear. If you are instead a brainiac, then the smart ass costume with glasses and a graduation cap is more ideal for you.

Click here to browse through all of these adult funny costumes that are the most hilarious adult Halloween costumes!

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