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Second Skin Costumes

If you are the kind person who likes to wear your clothes skin tight, then wearing a 2nd skin costume is a fun choice for you! Take the tuxedo costume to the left, for instance. This bodysuit costume will literally cover you from head to toe in the colors black and white. Add a pair of black shades and you’ll be the most sharply dressed person at the party with the coolest personality. Click here to see it.

If superheroes are more your speed, then try something like the Flash costume. We also have other second skin suits like the adult Batman costume, Robin costume, or the adult Superman costume. Any of these adult superhero costumes will be fun to wear!

Looking for a scary Halloween costume that fits right against your skin? Then try a skeleton bodysuit. This second skin suit is a black bodysuit that has white bones pictured on it! Especially if it’s dark outside, you can scare the pants off of everyone just by walking around and appearing to be a member of the living dead!

This American flag costume is a patriotic costume that will let you embody the symbol of our nation. Instead of flapping in the wind, you’ll be planted firmly on the ground when you wear this American flag outfit that will have you covered in red and white stripes!

Any of the second skin costumes mentioned here are cool costume ideas. Be sure to check out all of our bodysuit Halloween costumes that are unique costumes to wear on October 31st or any other day of the year!


Baby Halloween Costume Ideas

In need of funny baby Halloween costume ideas? We’ve got you covered in the department of cute baby costumes. You already know that you have the most adorable baby in the world but others may not realize this undeniable truth. No worries! Dress your baby up in in one of our baby Halloween costumes to ensure all the awws are directed to them! Some specific baby Halloween costume ideas can be found below:


To the left is the baby biker costume that will make your little one look they are a part of a gang. But don’t worry. No one will be questioning your parenting skills but instead will commend you on how cute your baby looks (after they get all of the laughter out of their system, that is). With tattoo sleeves, a skull bandana, and skull t-shirt with what seems to be a leather jacket and dog tags printed onto the shirt, this funny baby costume is one of the best baby Halloween costumes you can find.

There are other Halloween baby costumes that are just as cool as the baby biker costume. Another great option in the category of babies Halloween costumes is the baby Viking costume. Words can’t fully capture the incredibleness of this cute baby costume. Click here to see it for yourself!

There are other options when it comes to baby career costumes that let babies represent unconventional professions, such as the baby cowboy costume and the baby golfer costume.

Check out all of our baby costumes for Halloween!